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Nick Booth

Nick Booth worked in IT in the UK’s National Health Service, financial services and The Met Police, witnessing at first hand the disruptive effects of new technology. As a journalist and analyst, his mission is to stop history repeating itself.

Ten equations that rule the world - could they work for you?

Graph databases strive to tackle fake news

Could visualisation tools help to see us out of the jungle of fake news?

Romania's tech sector breeds jobs

Romania’s tech industry is its most powerful economic performer. But it needs to attract more investment to keep the momentum.

Bitdefender CEO on past revolution, future shocks

Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpes has dealt with every kind of insecurity, including collapsing regimes and cyber sabotage.

Weight Watchers and Office: Work/life lines are blurring

Identity management company Okta has surveyed use of software and found a shrinking gap between corporate and personal tech use

The real meaning of… Zero Day Exploit

Z is for Zero Day Exploit

The real meaning of… Yahoo

What Yahoo reveals about the internet

The real meaning of… Xubuntu

The trouble with open source operating systems is revealed

UK builds bridges with Lebanese tech hub

The UK-Lebanon Tech Hub is designed to release the creativity of the Lebanese technology sector

The real meaning of… Wiki

Wikipedia might have more to do with the film Wickerman than you think…

The real meaning of… Virtualisation

The great legend of virtualisation demystified

The real meaning of… Unified Communications (UC)

The secret class system at work behind the marketing hype of Unified Communications

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