Nick Booth

Nick Booth worked in IT in the UK’s National Health Service, financial services and The Met Police, witnessing at first hand the disruptive effects of new technology. As a journalist and analyst, his mission is to stop history repeating itself.

The real meaning of… United Communications (UC)

The secret class system at work behind the marketing hype of Unified Communications

The real meaning of… Trolledge

Why the word Trolledge needs an infusion of new life

The real meaning of… Serverless Architecture

The mysterious world of Serverless Architecture is all not as it seems

The real meaning of… Ransomware

Why we can trust nobody in the confidence trickster ridden cyber world

The real meaning of… Quantum Computing

A wry look at Quantum Computing, paradigm shifts and LogicGate

The real meaning of… Phishing

It’s not just the obvious scammers who are guilty of Phishing…

The real meaning of… Open Source

O stands for Open Source, Object Oriented Programming and Obfuscation

The real meaning of… NAND

N is for the NAND gate scandal that the Pentagon tried to hide

SurFlow: Data at 6Gbps across your table, walls or the wings of a spaceship

A new networking technology uses electro-magnetic pulses to send data at a thousand times the speed of broadband. What could this mean?

The real meaning of… Mobile, Machines and the Malware Man-in-the-Middle

What the letter M says about the weird modern class structure of IT

The real meaning of… Legacies and Leverage, Leadership and Language

Legacy used to be a good thing but now it is an entirely pejorative word

The real meaning of…. Killer apps, Kyoto, Keyword stuffing and Knowledge

Knowledge is getting buried in bad online practice

The real meaning of… Jabber

The best language to typify IT isn’t tight, specific, JCL but course and clumsy, human jabbering

Dan Lyons' 'Disrupted' tale of a dystopian startup

Life at a technology startup is like joining a cult, if writer Dan Lyons’ account of working for Hubspot, is typical.

The real meaning of... Information Age - interruptive technology

In the Interruptive Age nobody can get any work done thanks to all the deviousness and disruption

The mainframe is not dead yet

Can LzLabs destroy the environment that has sustained one of our most cherished foundations that has been here since IT began?

Database architects help scientists deal with data floods

Paradigm4’s SciDB is an attempt to help scientists focus on their specialization rather than data models

The real meaning of… Hard-wired

Hard-wired is just one of several H-bombs casually abused in usage

The real meaning of…3G and 4G

Cellular generations are propped up by dubious multimedia content intended to titillate

Whatever happened to the paperless office?

Paper consumption is expected to double in the next 14 years as the technology industry is still ‘pulling up trees’

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