Pat Martlew

Patrick Martlew is a technology enthusiast and editorial guru that works the digital enterprise beat in London. After making his tech writing debut in Sydney, he has now made his way to the UK where he works to cover the very latest trends and provide top-grade expert analysis.

Is IoT becoming a make or break issue for enterprise success?

With IoT advancing at faster rates than ever and the popularization of distributed edge cloud computing on its way, is it now essential for businesses to be looking into IoT?

DataOps: the next DevOps, or just another overhyped buzzword?

DataOps - as a term - is receiving an increasing amount of attention of late. We take a look at why that might be the case and whether the hype translates to actual adoption.

Life beyond merger: Micro Focus talks HPE software carve-out and defines new vision

Just under 18 months after the big HPE Software merger, we chat to Micro Focus head of head of strategy and solutions Joe Garber to assess whether it was all worth it and how the company is now positioned.

Blockchain or bust: a snapshot of Lithuania's bustling fintech profile

Lithuania is making some big waves in the finance sector. We take a look at how it is attracting fintechs and whether it's shaping up to be the European capital of blockchain.

Lessons from Iran's 'state-sponsored' cyber warfare forum

We provide a snapshot into Iran's state-sponsored cyber-attacks, and break down a new report that explores the biggest 'hacking' forum in the country and how the government might be involved.

Assessing the economic impact and business models of open source

We take a dive into the world of open source, looking specifically at its undocumented economic impact and how successful open source companies thrive.

How do global privacy laws stack up to GDPR?

With many organisations still struggling to keep up with GDPR, we take a look at four other international privacy policies to see if they're doing things any differently.

Looking beyond Silicon Valley: why the US tech industry is sprawling inland

While Silicon Valley is still brimming with opportunity, other US hubs are picking up some serious steam and could hold the answer for talent-hungry CIOs.

In Memoriam: Remembering the tech leaders we lost in 2018

We remember the tech pioneers that passed away in 2018

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