Phil Muncaster

Phil Muncaster has been an IT journalist for 15 years. He started out as a reporter on enterprise IT title IT Week in 2005 and progressed to the role of News Editor before leaving to pursue a freelance career. Since then, Phil has written for titles including The Register, where he worked as Asia correspondent whilst based in Hong Kong for over two years, MIT Technology Review, SC Magazine, Infosecurity Magazine and others.

Could Huawei smartphone deal fail spell full-blown Sino-US trade war?

Apple and China tech news stories could have wider implications, not just for IT buyers, but the global economy

Huawei sues the US government as tensions rise

Huawei has launched legal action against the US government. What happens next and what does it mean for the global tech industry?

New cyber security laws could put further strain on foreign companies in China

Amidst the ongoing US-China trade war, new Chinese laws may expose foreign firms to even more cyber security (and censorship) risks.

Tech trends: Asia set to come under the tech spotlight in 2019

What tech trends can we expect in Asia in 2019?

A rare glimpse inside the Chinese cybercrime underground

How much impact does the Chinese hacking community have on Western firms?

How a Washington crackdown on Huawei could backfire for everyone

Acting tough on Chinese firms might seem like a good idea to the Trump administration, but it could come back to bite the US tech industry in the long-term.

Why does China spot security vulnerabilities quicker than the US?

Hackers could have a head start on researching exploits that US firms have not yet caught wind of

China's cryptocurrency clampdown: what next for digital-first businesses?

We take a look at the Chinese governmental move on cryptocurrencies

How will China's GDPR-like Cybersecurity Law impact business?

China’s new Cybersecurity Law (CSL) may overlap with GDPR, but could still deliver the opposite effect from the intended one

US and China IP theft battle could hit Silicon Valley

Worrying times for Silicon Valley as US and China square off over IP theft

China's quantum space race adds to fraught Sino-US relations

China’s quantum satellite network plans take a great leap forward

What does Chinese legislation of 1st June mean for foreign firms?

A look at the introduction of China's new Cybersecurity Law, which comes into effect today

Why WannaCry might make Microsoft cry in China

China’s reliance on illegitimate software means it was hit even harder than the west

China's tech power grab should ring White House alarm bells

China is chasing the US’s tail in the hunt for tech talent

Facebook and China: There's only one likely winner

If Facebook attempts to re-enter China it is likely to be onto a loser

China's Cybersecurity Law: Game over for foreign firms?

Sweeping new legislation in China will restrict firms’ room for manoeuvre

The South China Sea: A new hacking hotspot

Evidence points to China’ new area of focus on its neighbours

Post-Snowden, China's cold war against foreign tech goes on

The NSA activity revelations have given China a good reason to block US and other foreign technology

Rise of the bots: Why we should be worried by the Foxconn lay-offs

In China, man is being replaced by machine as automation advances inexorably

VPNs: The Cat-and-Mouse Game in China Continues

Why virtual private networks have become so important in China

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