Sankarambadi Srinivasan

Sankarambadi Srinivasan, ‘Srini’, is a maverick writer, technopreneur and a geek. He writes on transformational social processes and technology trends which influence our daily lives.

India: 3D printing jewelry & other goods

The growth of 3D printing in India

Healthcare in India: How tech startups can help

Why healthcare is a difficult area in India and how tech startups may be able to provide assistance

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Logistics in India needs to improve in order to boost the economy

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We look at why manufacturing in India has always been a weakness

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How mCommerce will dominate India in future

Spirituality in technology - an Indian experience

We explore the relationship between IT, spirituality and corporate life

Is it 'Prom' time for Indian education?

Could innovative new companies revamp India’s much maligned education system

Can India replicate China in successful online ventures?

How the online eCommerce market places differ between China and India

How the Alibaba syndrome is impacting investors in Indian tech

Indian investors are suffering from Alibaba syndrome

Can an Indian entrepreneur become the next Mark Zuckerberg?

How the Indian psyche holds back entrepreneurship

Interview Mocha: A 'Slumdog entrepreneur'

We catch up with the founders of Interview Mocha

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