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Trevor Clawson

Defying gravity - are Britain's digital tech export set to boom?

Policymakers love tech startups - but are they buying from the innovators?

Policymakers love tech startups - but are they buying from the innovators?

Policymakers are keen to talk up the potential of the UK, but when it comes to handing out contracts for IT projects how good is government at connecting (and doing business) with early-technology businesses?

Innovation is born out of crisis, so is Brexit good news for tech companies?

For most tech startups, Brexit is a cause for deep concern but others are raising the Brexittech flag. So is this just a case of opportunistic marketing? Or is a whole new tech category about to open up?

What Nominet did next - why the UK's domain name registry is stretching its commercial wings

We find out why Nominet is moving into new markets, how that fits in with its purpose, and the what challenges its faced.

Unicorns are running free in the UK but Brexit poses a tough challenge

Once a rarity, unicorns are being spotted in increasing abundance in Britain and Europe. But looking ahead, Britain's visa system may mean that these valuable beasts will face a long-hard winter.

Is Google-inspired "moonshot factory" a new model for tech R&D?

Telefonica’s own Google X looks to deliver a new form of digital R&D in Europe

Welcome to the brave new world of bot-enabled services

How businesses can make the most out of chatbot opportunities

CIOs 'hackathon' guide: What corporates can learn from startups

We investigate what corporates can learn from startups (and vice versa)

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