Vincent Matinde

Why SMS hasn't died in the era of messaging apps

SMS is not dead yet even as the ubiquity of OTT services are cementing in Africa. Here's why.

How big data can fight disease in Africa

Diseases and epidemics are still rife in Africa. But can big data beat their patterns?

Blockchain could unlock Africa's undeveloped derivative market

Support for a decentralised derivative platform could open financial opportunities beyond stock exchanges

Data silos hurting digital transformation in Africa

Government departments have been accused of poor handling of citizen data. Could a centralised, standard citizen database be the cure?

Tech trends: Africa expected to charge ahead with mobile banking, blockchain & IoT in 2019

Mobile banking, Blockchain implementation, IT policies and a dawn for IoT systems will mark Africa's 2019 trends

Why Africa needs to rethink education to grasp software development opportunities

The bulging working population in Africa could present an opportunity, only if governments act fast.

The top African countries for cybercrime defence… and the bottom

Which African countries have the strongest cybercrime defenses? And which have the worst...?

The cybercrime risk in Africa's mobile money ecosystem

A danger in mobile transactions is that private information is usually public, exposing users to cybercrime.

Africa's missed opportunity in the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry

There is great silence in a market with a potential of nearly one billion mobile phone market.

Taxing technology: Why this African trend can pull back connectivity gains

Right after major internet shutdowns, tax on technology is becoming a worrying trend in Africa.

5 blockchain use cases in Africa

As the buzz around blockchain continues, we look at five use cases aiming to solve Africa’s persistent challenges.

Lack of customer data hampering commerce in Africa

For innovation, industries need to collect more customer data for analysis

African boardrooms should get ready for Gen Z

Gen Z is the generation that follows millennials and Africa is home to the largest number. How can organizations prepare for their entry into the job market?

Why progressive web apps have a business case in Africa

Organizations in Africa can cut costs by opting for progressive web apps, giving users a seamless browsing experience.

Africa trends 2018: Improved connectivity will drive tech

Increased connectivity will continue to spur four big tech trends on the African continent in 2018

Why serverless deployment could be especially valuable to African businesses

Serverless deployment is the next frontier in app hosting. How can business in Africa benefit from this shift?

A business case for NarrowBand IoT in Africa

NB-IoT has been praised to be an ideal system to jumpstart IoT services. But are there business opportunities with this technology?

Why African businesses need to be mindful of ICT legislation

Lack of knowledge around technology legislation could lead to future problems for African businesses

Africa needs data scientists: What will it take to train them?

What makes a good data science and how can African countries fill the shortage?

Kenyan startup strives to address critical African data issues

Africa needs robust data analytics to drive business growth

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