Antonio Piraino


Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services in 2014: How It Will Influence the Cloud Ecosystem

Amazon will take its Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a whole new level in 2014 and with it, change the cloud landscape. So what should we expect?


Cloud Computing

Avoiding the Vendor Lock-in Tyrant

Vendor lock-in is a phenomenon that has been with us long before even the creation of the model-T. So how do you avoid it?


Business Management

Antonio Piraino (Global) - The Developing Role of the CIO, and Why It's Changing the Way We Do Business

In a new series of articles on the changing role of the CIO, IDG Connect offers expert insight into how the development of new technology is affecting IT departments....



Antonio Piraino (Global) - Gartner Predictions 2013 (Opinion): Integrated Ecosystems

As part of a series of opinion pieces on Gartner's 2013 Predictions, this article looks at the future of integrated ecosystems.


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