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IT & Systems Management

Jas Pro and L-Stand stylishly hold your MacBook Pro

Cooler Master is known for its PC-cooling devices, but the company also makes laptop stands designed especially for the MacBook Pro. I've been using two of Cooler...


IT & Systems Management

Cray offers a more modest supercomputer for the enterprise

Supercomputer manufacturer Cray has expanded its portfolio of systems for the technical enterprise market.


Take notes the old-fashioned way with Penultimate for iPad

While I can't remember the last time I did any amount of pen-to-paper long-form writing (do signatures count?), it's hard to refute that Evernote's free Penultimate...


IT & Systems Management

Annex's Quad Lock is an outstanding iPhone case/mount system

Thanks to an ever-growing, and increasingly diverse, array of apps for using your iPhone on the go--think GPS apps, cycling apps, and travel apps--one of the biggest...



HP turns to design for reversal of PC fortunes

Hewlett-Packard is barely holding on to the top spot in the laptop and desktop market, but hopes a renewed vigor regarding product design will help reverse the fortunes...


IT & Systems Management

Tested! Three graphics cards you can actually afford

Times are tough. The economic recovery still hasn't rained pixie dust on your bank balance, but you're still determined to play the latest PC games in their full...


Handheld Devices

China's Alibaba aims for big smartphone sales of its mobile OS

Alibaba Group hopes to make a dent in Google's dominance of China's smartphone market, and has high hopes that handsets running the company's mobile OS will reach...


IT & Systems Management

Evernote originally wanted to make 'egg-like' hardware

Note-taking software provider Evernote originally wanted to delve into the hardware business as far back as 2007, with an egg-like device capable of recording conversations,...


Handheld Devices

Nokia teases Lumia 928 but still mum on launch date

Nokia has confirmed the upcoming launch of the long-rumored Lumia 928, with a website that hints at advanced camera features.


IT & Systems Management

Panasonic creates multi-band M2M chip with 20-year lifespan

Panasonic has developed a tiny, low-power chip for sensor networks and Internet-connected appliances, which it says is the first to support a broad range of frequency...

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