Don Grantham


Technology Planning and Analysis

Inspiring Tomorrow's DigiGirlz in Central & Eastern Europe

Estonia serves as an example of the CEE’s potential to drive innovation for the benefit of its citizens, provided it can encourage young talent to embark on a career...


Human Resources

Don Grantham (Europe) - Building the Future from the STEM Up

As part of a series looking at the correlation between IT and education around the world, Don Grantham looks at the future of STEM education in Europe.


Business Management

Don Grantham (Europe) - Thrive or Survive: Will Small Businesses be Europe's Silver Bullet?

In this blog post, Don Grantham from Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe discusses the rate of growth among small and medium sized enterprises in Euopre today,...



Don Grantham (Europe) - Stamping out Piracy, a Mandate for Change

Don Grantham, Area President for Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, tackles the issue of software piracy in these areas. He looks at the areas with the highest...


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