Jon Collins


Jon Collins is an analyst and principal advisor at Inter Orbis. He has over 25 years in experience of the tech sector, having worked as an IT manager, software consultant, project manager and training manager among other roles. Jon’s published work covers security, governance, project management but also includes books on music, including works on Rush, Mike Oldfield and Marillion.


Social Networks

From trolls to fake news: why doesn't tech go with wisdom?

The fake news fiasco is just another example of how digital intelligence rarely combines with sound judgment


Email Management

Today's tech can't beat my stupid email response

A momentary lapse in replying to an automated message led to email hell for our hero


Data Mining

Taking baby steps with Big Data

Looking for the magical power of computers to harness data? You may wait a long time!



Can technology save a post-Brexit Britain?

A suggested mission statement for how to rejuvenate the UK economy after its vote to leave the EU



Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Attempts to control a transparent currency mechanism will drive less transparency, not more.


Infrastructure Management

Utilities need to heed lessons from Google to add value

Power and water companies need to be smarter or settle for being commodity providers


Technology Planning and Analysis

Machine Learning: Myths, science fiction and the Singularity

‘Machine learning’ is the latest term used to embody our obsession with thinking computers



Retailers online and offline need to be problem solvers to succeed

With the future of retail, of course it’s personal – and it’s not just about the business model


Application Development

In 2016, get ready for the mobile API explosion

APIs are changing the development cycle and the pace at which organisations can build powerful apps


Data Privacy and Security

Should we worry about DNA testing?

DNA analysis and what happens to our data is a moral maze - so buyer beware



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?