Dan Swinhoe


Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.


Cloud Computing

Dan Swinhoe (Middle East)- SMBs (pt II): Opportunities

Dan Swinhoe looks at opportunities for SMBs within the Middle East.


Business Management

Dan Swinhoe (Middle East)- SMBs (pt I): Challenges

Dan Swinhoe examines SMBs in the Middle East and identifies some of the problems they face


Business Management

Dan Swinhoe (Asia)- Singapore: Leading By Example

Singapore is one of the leaders in finance, but Dan Swinnhoe looks at the country's top class IT sector.


Mobile Communications

Dan Swinhoe (South America)- Brazil: Still Holding Back On Giving their Mums iPads

Dan Swinhoe look at Brazil's mobile market, a country with over 100% mobile phone penetration but yet to buy into the smartphone revolution



Dan Swinhoe (Nigeria)-Nigeria: Out With Princes, In With Hackers?

Once famed for email scams and princes wanting your bank accounts, Dan Swinhoe looks at IT security in today's Nigeria


Dan Swinhoe (India)- Biometrics On An Eye-Popping Scale

Dan Swinhoe explores the pros and cons of India's ambitious biometric database plans



Dan Swinhoe (Iran)- Meet Flame: The Super Cyber Weapon

Dan Swinhoe gives an overview of the malware dubbed 'the most complicated piece of malicious software ever created' discovered in Iran last week.


Mobile Communications

Dan Swinhoe (India)- India's Youth: Connected & Mobile

Dan Swinhoe examines a study into India's Generation Y and finds they are communicating and mobile.


Dan Swinhoe (Middle East)- Iraq: Fully Connected or Digitally Isolated?

Dan Swinhoe discusses his findings on Iraq's IT sector. Do you agree with the statistics?

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