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Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect


Handheld Technology

Indian Smart Shoes Creator on Fashion & Wearables

Does wearable tech need to collaborate with the fashion industry more? Indian smart shoes creator Krispian Lawrence seems to think so...


Handheld Technology

30 Years of Smart Shoes

Back in the '80s who would have imagined a computer in a shoe? From the '80s to present day, Ayesha Salim looks at the evolution of the modern "smart" shoe.


Handheld Technology

"Force Illusions" Could Help the Visually Impaired

"Force Illusions” could benefit people with visual impairments.


Technology Planning and Analysis

Francisco J. Vico and the First Computer-Musicians

Could a computer one day be able to compete with human composers?


Software Development Tools

London Tech Week: Will AI Put Your Job At Risk?

Technology is developing fast - but should you be worried about losing your job?


Technology Planning and Analysis

Passing the Turing Test: A Victory for AI?

A computer programme has convinced humans that it is a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy and become the first computer to pass the Turing test. Is this a turning point for...


InfoShot: Desktop Search Decline is Reshaping Google

Desktop search will decline by $1.4 billion this year.



Apple's HealthKit: Simple But Smart

Apple has announced the launch of a health app - and the implications could be huge for healthcare.


Cloud Computing Applications

Nuance and the Art of Speech Recognition

The potential of speech recognition in healthcare and security

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