Ayesha Salim


Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect


Electronic Discovery

Floating Email Bubbles: A Recipe For Disaster?

A new device has been developed that delivers email notifications, adverts and other information through scented bubbles.


Business Management

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: Dividing Genders?

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg believes women should hold half of the important positions in business. Is she right?



Doctors to Suspend 'Trauma' Patients Then Revive Them Back to Life

For the first time ever, doctors are about to put humans in a state of suspended animation to buy time and save more lives. Ayesha Salim speaks with Dr. Peter Rhee...


Networking & Communications

MH370: Could Maths Equation Used By Tech Companies Help?

Could an 18th century maths equation help find flight MH370? Ayesha Salim investigates.


Communications Services

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: An Expert View

The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has got everyone baffled. With so many means of communicating, how could this have happened? Ayesha Salim investigates....



Health Tech 2013: RoboTherapists, Beaming Doctors & Wacky Health Wearables

This year saw some major developments in health tech, some interesting and others downright wacky. Ayesha Salim examines some of the highlights of 2013.



Will UK Healthcare Apps Ever Catch Up With the US?

The healthcare app market has boomed in the US but the UK is still lagging behind. Ayesha Salim investigates where the problem lies and whether the NHS will ever...


Cloud Computing

A Look Back at BoxWorks 2013: Does the Bridge-Builder Win?

In part 2 of her notes on the BoxWorks conference in San Francisco, Ayesha Salim examines what it takes to be a Disruptive Innovator.


Collaborative Working

Box CEO Aaron Levie: Disrupting the Enterprise

From Box’s San Francisco conference, Ayesha Salim shares her notes on one of the tech’s most closely-watched startups



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