Ayesha Salim


Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect



Medical Apps: Can You Regulate the Ill-Defined?

Critics are arguing that more should be done to regulate medical apps. But with no definition of a medical app - how can they regulate?



iPad App Helps Kids Make Their Own Decision On Appendicitis Treatment

Ayesha Salim talks to Clutch Interactive about a new iPad app that empowers children to make treatment decisions.



Would You Tell Your Secrets to a Robot?

Would you share your emotional problems with a robo-therapist? A new virtual robot has been created to assist in diagnosing depression - and her makers believe she...


Energy Efficiency

Ayesha Salim (US) - Electronic Health Records: Heading for Disaster

Hospitals are in a race to implement electronic health records in time for the 2015 deadline - but at what cost?


Ayesha Salim (US) - Here…Talk to Robodoc

IBM has created a robot that is seen to be a game changer in healthcare. Just how far will technology go?


Social Media Marketing

Ayesha Salim (US) - Should Your Doctor be Using Facebook?

Should doctors ‘friend’ their patients on Facebook? In the age of social media, doctors are facing the dilemma of maintaining appropriate boundaries between their...



Ayesha Salim (US) - iPad Mini: A Win for Doctors and Patients?

Ayesha Salim investigates the impact of consumer devices on healthcare, and the patient-doctor relationship.

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