Ayesha Salim


Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect


Software & Web Development

Gamification & a drive to change millennials' view of insurance

Dawn Mortimer at Guidewire talks about the potential for gamification in insurance.


Analytics Software

Transparency system means 'sneaky algorithms' can't hide

Algorithms have become immensely powerful in our daily lives but nobody knows how they run. A new system wants to make them accountable.



Mediconecta: Telehealth startup has high hopes for Latin America

We catch up with the winner of the eMerge startup competition in Miami.


Analytics Software

Rugby player data offers plenty for hackers and companies

A behind-the-scenes look at Madejski stadium and data analytics at London Irish rugby team.


Wireless Technologies

Ex Googlers: Humans will see that machines driving trucks is safer

We speak with Otto’s co-founder Lior Ron to discuss his plans for rolling out autonomous trucks on highways.


Business Management

Is Apple's $1 billion stake in Didi a good strategic move?

Foreign investments in China are tricky. Will China make Apple the exception?



Teleradiology company helps solve radiologist shortage in Brazil

A company is using telemedicine to solve the radiologist shortage in Brazil


Social Networks

Facebook's news censorship: Manipulative algorithms are nothing new

We give our thoughts on Facebook’s apparent manipulation of its “trending” news section.



Is application development to blame for UK banking outages?

A new report says UK banks need to modernise and improve their application software to prevent outages.

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