Adrian Schofield


Adrian Schofield has spent more than half his life working in and for the South African ICT industry at national, regional and global levels. For the last 10 years, he has conducted applied research for the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering and is currently serving as a Board member of the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA), the Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA) and the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3). He is a Councillor for the B-BBEE ICT Sector Council.


Change Management

South Africa: 60 years of tech but what's really changed?

Adrian Schofield discusses how despite all the changes tech has brought, many things still stay the same


Data Center

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The thorny issue of internet freedom across Africa

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Networking & Communications

South Africa's latest Cabinet reshuffle could be an opportunity for ICT

Local South African tech initiatives have not advanced with global tech development – things need to change


Data Mining

Big Data in SA Businesses: What is the Secret to Success?

Big Data, Big Responsibility? Big data offers the opportunity to infer, reveal and predict, but should it?


Cloud Computing

South Africa: Hidden Benefits of Cloud

The cloud in the technology sense has been around for 30 years. So do we know all the benefits? Or is it a gift that keeps on giving?


Technology Planning and Analysis

The Tangled Web

This article discusses the relationship between politics and technology in Africa.


Human Resources

Adrian Schofield (Africa) - IT and Education in Africa

As part of a series looking at the correlation between IT and education around the world, Adrian Schofield looks at IT and education in Africa.



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