David Neal

David Neal has been writing about technology since the Millennium Bug. He’s survived Alta Vista and the I Love You virus, and now works from his home in Kent.


Business Management

Inside the Rocket Internet Experience

EatFirst is part of Rocket Internet’s wide swathe of investments – is the criticism of the IPO-bound German company valid?



The Internet of Things: From Tasting Drinks to Tracking Pigs

Wearable computing and the Internet of Things are in their early stages but potential uses are legion


Data Privacy and Security

Europe Raises Red Flag over Safe Harbour's Choppy Waters

There’s general agreement that Safe Harbour is no longer fit for purpose, less so on alternatives



Obama's Healthcare Site Needed a Check-up

Its second version is much better, so far, but why was the launch of HealthCare.gov such a fiasco?


Technology Planning and Analysis

UK Raspberry Pi's to Teach and Inspire Swaziland Kids

A volunteer working in Africa is looking to improve local information technology teaching and increase opportunities for young students faced with what are viewed...


Cloud Computing

'Slumdog' eLearning Guru Plans Cloud Schools in India & UK

The man behind the computer-learning scheme that inspired the Slumdog Millionaire movie has a new scheme for India and the north-east of England

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