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Alex Cruickshank has been writing about technology and business since 1994. He has lived in various far-flung places around the world and is now based in Berlin.


Tech Cynic: VR, the never-popular technology

Software & Web Development

Tech Cynic: VR, the never-popular technology

Virtual Reality headsets are available now. Get yours today! Or, more likely, don't.

Tech Cynic: Keen new developers will kill us all

Software & Web Development

Tech Cynic: Keen new developers will kill us all

Young, fresh-faced developers are finding employment in startups, full of exciting new ideas. They must be stopped.

Platform or publisher?

Social Networks

Platform or publisher?

Vast social networks are censoring prominent right-wing US commentators for hate speech. What happens next?


Metadata Management

Why the data difficulties in Deutschland?

Companies doing business in Germany with data face numerous hurdles. Here's why, and what to do about it.


Storage Management

Why is everyone so clueless about enterprise data storage?

No clue what your organization's storage requirements will be in the future? Don't worry, you're in good company.


Software & Web Development

Why Spectre demands more elegantly-coded software

Developing bloated software was almost excusable while processors were forever getting faster. That changed in January.


Social Networks

Why tech addiction may soon need be on the CIO's radar

It's still possible for suppliers and developers to claim ignorance of tech addiction, but maybe not for much longer


Data Privacy and Security

GDPR: It's about privacy, not security

A discussion with Sheila FitzPatrick of NetApp about the confusion surrounding the true purpose of GDPR


Software & Web Development

Low-code: what it can do for your enterprise - and what it can't

Building software with low-code visual tools can save time, but won't magically fix underfunded development departments


Internet of Things (IoT)

Why France may lead in the Internet of Things

France has become a force to be reckoned with in the Internet of Things sector. What's driving this rapid growth?

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Tech Cynic: VR, the never-popular technology

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