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Building resilience: your fortune-teller in the Cloud

In the age of AI and ML, companies have entered a new paradigm of forecasting and modelling. Then the pandemic hit and the data that had fuelled these models became outdated and insufficient. How then, can businesses make informed...


No algorithm no future but sort out the data first

What is the business value of an algorithm?


New models of financial data sharing in Africa

Startups are leading the race to monetise customer financial data in Africa for lucrative business cases.


Onna CEO is on a voyage of discovery to join up data

Salim Elkhou wants to make enterprise search simpler and connect information islands.


So you’ve invested in data tech, now what?

Frank Kozurek, Director at Motion BI, outlines the key considerations businesses should make when laying the foundations of their data strategy.

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Tibco’s data focus makes it well placed for the downturn

Data is set to play a primary role in business recovery, and the senior leadership of Tibco believe that they have the tools CIOs require

shutterstock 385573399 09.10.20 ten equations that rule the world could they work for you nick booth

Ten equations that rule the world - could they work for you?

David Sumpter's The Ten Equations That Rule the World explains the maths that informs IT-driven finance, betting and social media companies. Could we all adopt these principles in our lives too?

shutterstock 1810125160 21.10.20 blueprinting our way to easier data adrian bridgwater

Blueprinting our way to easier data

The mass of data ubiquity surrounding business systems is giving rise to an increasing number of templates and reference architectures that act as a new kind of ‘information blueprint’ for enterprises to shortcut their way to more...

healthcare data breach / medical patient privacy security violation

A new prescription for big data headaches in pharma-tech

Every industry runs on data. From oil rigs to bakeries and from finance to dressmaking, every business now has a responsibility to re-define itself as a data-centric software business. The pharmaceutical industry is no different. A...

Everything you need to know about… Big Data

A roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on the world of big data.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: Buyer's guide and reviews November 2019

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of business intelligence tools.

Citizen data science suffers from inflated expectations

The notion of data analytics being democratised for all of us is overblown

BI pioneer Qlik keeps deployment options open and builds a stack

Qlik CEO Mike Capone will leave cloud/on-prem choices up to buyers

Sisense and TIBCO Spotfire: Buyer's guide and reviews August 2019

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of business intelligence solutions.

High-performance computing: a worthwhile investment for enterprise firms?

HPCs are increasingly moving from research-based organisations and becoming more useful for the enterprise. We take a look at current adoption rates and outline some of the reasons firms are implementing HPC.

KNIME and RapidMiner: Buyer's guide and reviews July 2019

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of data science platform solutions.

Look for history lessons in BI mergers

Salesforce's analytics landgrab: why the battle over enterprise data has intensified — and what you need to know about it.

How big data can fight disease in Africa

Diseases and epidemics are still rife in Africa. But can big data beat their patterns?

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