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Task & process mining clear pathway for dynamite RPA

Only by understanding the way digital business works at the most granular level and being able to categorise different workflows into defined discrete elements can we manage people effectively and allow RPA ‘bots’ to sit alongside...


What is formative AI and why should you care?

According to analyst firm Gartner, formative AI will help drive innovation over the next decade. But what exactly is it, and how can your business benefit?

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Don't fly-by-wire with AI until you know the controls

Software developers should approach Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven programming controls with zeal and cautionary awareness in equal measure; no AI should be engineered-in until a technician understands how and why it can deliver...

07.10.20 headshot elissa strome canadian ai sector developing growing reputation as world leader an

Canadian AI sector developing growing reputation as world leader

Three years on from the launch of Canada's first ever national AI strategy, we look at what progress has been made and what it means for IT professionals.

shutterstock 1811758804 02.10.20 ethical tech whose responsibility is it anyway

Ethical tech: whose responsibility is it, anyway?

How the ethical issues of developing new technology applications are being handled by different organisations, and the impact that these varying strategies are having on developers.

Intel Fellow on Stephen Hawking and maximising human potential

Lama Nachman is using AI and other technology to augment the brain with digital assistance.

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How to build a 'good' API

Many parts of the software industry would have us believe that a progressive approach to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) denotes the mark of a platform's prowess and power -- but what are they... and how do we tell good from...

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How (and why) the API became the new IT cornerstone

Acting as the 'glue' between connected services, Application Programming Interfaces now proliferate across the web, across the cloud and throughout the fabric of contemporary enterprise computing.

Are happy developers more security conscious?

Sonotype's latest DevSecOps Community Survey highlighted a correlation between developer happiness and application security hygiene, with happy developers 3.6x less likely to neglect security when it comes to code quality. CEO on the Zoom add-on you probably need

Sam Liang made the blue dot we use to find ourselves on Google Maps; now he's offering a way to recall meetings.

Tapping into the power of APIs

IT emerges as a business enabler with reusable building blocks.

Kofax RPA and WorkFusion: Which is the best RPA solution?

Real user reviews of Kofax RPA and WorkFusion, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the robotic process automation (RPA) market.

Adopting low-code programming: what does it mean for IT departments?

Low and no code software such as RPA are making waves in businesses. But how far should companies embrace them?

Kubernetes: the tech to take centre stage in 2020

After the rise in popularity of Kubernetes what can we expect in the year ahead?

Rapid fire or slow burn? A snapshot of low-code in the modern era

In the last few years, visually enabled, low-code platforms have come to the fore after a bit of a hiatus. We assess how differ low-code tools differ from their older counterparts and why they are proving useful for organisations.

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