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Are happy developers more security conscious?

Sonotype's latest DevSecOps Community Survey highlighted a correlation between developer happiness and application security hygiene, with happy developers 3.6x less likely to neglect security when it comes to code quality. CEO on the Zoom add-on you probably need

Sam Liang made the blue dot we use to find ourselves on Google Maps; now he's offering a way to recall meetings.

Tapping into the power of APIs

IT emerges as a business enabler with reusable building blocks.

Adopting low-code programming: what does it mean for IT departments?

Low and no code software such as RPA are making waves in businesses. But how far should companies embrace them?

Kubernetes: the tech to take centre stage in 2020

After the rise in popularity of Kubernetes what can we expect in the year ahead?

Rapid fire or slow burn? A snapshot of low-code in the modern era

In the last few years, visually enabled, low-code platforms have come to the fore after a bit of a hiatus. We assess how differ low-code tools differ from their older counterparts and why they are proving useful for organisations.

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