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Intel Fellow on Stephen Hawking and maximising human potential

Lama Nachman is using AI and other technology to augment the brain with digital assistance.

Deepfakes and deep fraud: The new security challenge of misinformation and impersonation

With the significant improvements in deepfake technology, how prepared are governments and organisations in mitigating the security threats?

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4 Enterprise IT goals & their AI solutions

A look at four real-world examples of AI implementations.

Robotics accelerates towards new dawn of enterprise automation

Covid-19 is forcing change and industry is lapping it up. CEO tools up for ubiquitous AI

Sri Satish Ambati wants to make AI as elemental as water.

Three major challenges in AI deployment, and how to face them

Alejandro Saucedo, Engineering Director at Seldon, outlines three main challenges businesses face when deploying AI, and how they can be addressed.

Machine and deep learning sector in Australia

A number of interesting machine and deep learning initiatives are currently underway in Australia. What opportunities does this present for IT professionals in the sector?

Dear CIO, do you know what your bot architects are doing?

How to know if your RPA architect is building the right robots.

Kofax RPA and WorkFusion: Which is the best RPA solution?

Real user reviews of Kofax RPA and WorkFusion, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the robotic process automation (RPA) market.

Hedgehog, please renew my passport

Estonian AI chatbot in development to give citizens faster, simpler access to government services.

Is Ireland's AI sector punching above its weight?

With €28 million funding directed to Ireland's AI efforts, we look at recent developments and consider the prospects for the ongoing growth of the Irish AI sector.

Automation Anywhere vs. Kryon RPA: Which is the best RPA solution?

IT Central Station users review Automation Anywhere and Kryon RPA, two of the leading solutions in the RPA market.

Everything you need to know about… Artificial intelligence

IDG Connect's roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on artificial intelligence.

Explainable AI: how are decisions made?

Exploring the difficulties of building transparent AI and predicting and explaining algorithmic bias.

We need to talk about ethics: AI data and the challenge of frameworks

What should enterprises do with AI data? And what would a framework for corporations to manage bias in data look like?

Talk is cheap - why making AI deliver is a necessary New Year's resolution

Why enterprises need to stop talking about AI and start doing it

Is the RPA market the new dot-com bubble?

Will 2020 see the RPA market burst and start declining?

Demystifying the black box: IBM on how to get started with AI

IBM's Rob Thomas talks through to get started with AI, and some common pitfalls.

The growth of deep learning

Why is deep learning overtaking more classic machine learning methods and what is, or needs to be done to overcome the challenges.

AI is supercharging CX but people still reject creepiness

A recent study shows how firms will have to build trust in how they access and use customer data.

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