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COVID makes a compelling case for blockchain

Is blockchain the solution to the lack of connectivity and data exchange built into our global supply chains?

Why is cryptocurrency so big in Latin America?

According to a survey by Statista, Latin America has the most crypto currency users in the world. So why is cryptocurrency so popular, and what does it mean for the region?

Singapore emerging as global centre of blockchain expertise

What are the key recent developments in blockchain technology in Singapore?

Tech Cynic: Facebook's cryptic currency move raises eyebrows

Cryptocurrencies are often dismissed as speculative fake money with no future... but when Facebook enters the fray, it's serious.

Why investment in Blockchain training makes sense

From internships to blockchain schools, blockchain training seeks to address growing skills gap

Blockchain could unlock Africa's undeveloped derivative market

Support for a decentralised derivative platform could open financial opportunities beyond stock exchanges

How blockchain is enabling financial inclusion for 70 million unbanked Filipinos

In the Philippines, an estimated 56 per cent of citizens have limited access to the modern financial ecosystem. To solve this crisis, Union Bank and ConsenSys have developed a blockchain platform that connects rural banks.

Blockchain or bust: a snapshot of Lithuania's bustling fintech profile

Lithuania is making some big waves in the finance sector. We take a look at how it is attracting fintechs and whether it's shaping up to be the European capital of blockchain.

How can blockchain transform applications and services?

A look at the potential of blockchain to enhance enterprise applications and services.

Crypto key to currency crisis in LatAm?

Are the promises of cryptocurrency all hype for financially-challenged countries like Venezuela and Argentina?

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