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European blockchain institutions welcome input from IT professionals

Europe is marching ahead in a ‘Blockchain Revolution’, and IT professionals will play a key role.

5 blockchain use cases in Africa

As the buzz around blockchain continues, we look at five use cases aiming to solve Africa’s persistent challenges.

Blockchain technologies face a maturity problem

Why aren’t blockchain technologies ready for the enterprise, and what’s being done about it?

Why blockchain isn't magic and it won't fix every problem you have

Why enterprises need to get smarter about blockchain uses cases and think more about deployment.

Why finding blockchain talent is hard, and what to do about it

Why there’s a blockchain skills shortage, and how companies can fill the gap.

How blockchains can help build stronger software

Shaan Mulchandani, Global Security Strategy and Blockchain Leader at Aricent, presents the findings of a Proof of Concept study conducted on software supply chains and DevOps, and the impact of blockchains.

Is Puerto Rico ready to be the next blockchain utopia?

Puerto Rico’s government is trying to attract blockchain businesses, but will this ultimately help or harm the island?

Everything you need to know about... Blockchain

Here is our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on blockchain.

IT Careers: How to become a Blockchain Engineer

Luka Horvat, Head of Talent Operations, at hiring platform Toptal, explains how companies can find blockchain engineers, and how engineers can become blockchain experts.

Will cryptocurrencies ever overtake conventional currencies?

Jack Dorsey predicted Bitcoin will be the world's main currency within ten years, but what are the challenges that could prevent this from happening?

Blockchain: What are the implementation challenges?

Prince Kumar from Adeptia looks at the implementation challenges surrounding blockchain

Q&A: How can blockchain work with DNS?

Tim Favia of Donuts Inc. talks about investing at the intersection of blockchain and DNS

North Korea pursues cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea

Why cryptocurrency exchanges and users in other countries should be aware of an increased threat from North Korean actors over the coming year

Why Facebook became such a hotbed for ICO and cryptocurrency ads

Marcus Taylor, CEO of BrokerNotes, discusses the Facebook ban on ICO and cryptocurrency ads

Q&A: How might blockchain 2.0 pan out?

We speak to Toby Simpson, CTO at new startup Fetch, about how he is blending the best of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and Distributed Ledger technology

What can we learn from new Venezuelan cryptocurrency?

New measures in Venezuela could usher in a pro-blockchain age

What should you know about the Chinese blockchain market?

As western businesses focus on the potential in Ethereum and IOTA to deliver smart contracts and the Internet of Things, Chinese equivalents are also emerging behind the scenes

A c-suite guide to blockchain 2018

Our new report looks at blockchain in 2018

InfoShot: Bitcoin energy consumption

The Bitcoin network now consumes as much power as a country the size of Serbia.

Q&A: What do you need to know to run an ICO?

We speak to the CEO of Chaineum, France’s first “ICO Boutique”

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