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Gartner: Reducing IT costs... without crippling competitiveness

In an uncertain and pressurised economic environment, organisations often face the challenge of realising immediate IT cost savings. When faced with the challenge, CIOs need to determine how to approach cost cutting in the least...


Cloud FinOps: should you outsource or train someone in-house?

Arup CIO Rob Greig's former PA now manages cloud finances for the firm, but Sooraj Shah discovers that firms are taking different approaches to FinOps.


Can European fintechs go global?

Achieving global scale in an era of competition and uncertainty.


Wales sets its sights on becoming a global fintech centre

Fintech Wales has put together a 10-year roadmap to make the country a global leader in the sector. So why does it think Wales is so well positioned to become a fintech leader?


The rise in fintech start-ups

The number of fintech startups has nearly doubled in the last year. What's behind this growth? And which regions are leading the way?


Get payments' house in order as cash gets its cards

Barclaycard's David Jeffrey says the lockdown has shifted the way we are paying for goods.

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