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C-suite talk fav tech: Keith Clark, MTI Technology

Keith Clark thinks email is soulless and loves the tube app that tells you the best carriage position for the fastest exit.

C-suite talk fav tech: Mark Darbyshire, SAP

Mark Darbyshire on the iconic British payphone and his goal to get millennials passionate about technology and coding.

Most wanted B2B tech in 2016

The tech that businesses won't want to be without next year

Why is football transfer tech stuck in the 1980s?

The David De Gea saga suggests football technology has not kept pace with commercial growth of 'the beautiful game'

How agri-tech saw production surge in Uruguay

We look at how technology has improved land use, cattle breeding and rice and milk production

Rant: That evil electric bin…

Tyrannised by a bin: why some things don’t need to be electric and are better off not ‘smart’

Extract: The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator

Find out how Ken Banks came up with the idea for “The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator”

Rant: Everybody Hates the IT Guy

Undermining and diminishing IT chiefs and workers is rife

Rewiring Government for a Digitised World

A new book argues for modernisation at the heart of government in the UK and elsewhere

New Research: What Motivates Ultra-Keen IT Pros?

Is this final proof that you need to be a raging workaholic to thrive in IT?

Future Workplace: Hologram Meetings & Spanish Innovation?

What will the ‘Tech Evolved Workplace’ look like in the next 10, 20 and even 30 years?

eCourts: Justice Pending in India?

Indian eGovernance: A Strategy to Curb Corruption

The Benchmark King: How Futuremark Keeps Performance Score

Oliver Baltuch of computer benchmarking group Futuremark is refereeing a game where the goalposts keep moving

CIOs' 2014 Priority: Reduce 'IT debts'

Savvy IT organizations will spend 2014 taking steps to reduce their IT debts. But How?

Beware the Line-of-Business Bust

Dell Software’s John Whittaker identifies the primary factors likely to cause the impending line of business bust, examines the immediate impact it will have on both line of business and IT, and outlines steps that both parties can...

Augmented Reality: The New URL?

Kathryn Cave speaks to Annie Weinberger, General Manager of Aurasma – the Augmented Reality platform from HP Autonomy

PCs Using Outdated Operating Systems are at Risk

Microsoft will officially retire its service and support for the 11 year-old Windows XP on April 8, 2014, leaving 2.2 million PCs in Hong Kong at risk...

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