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Will technology make us safer in the workplace?

Technology is likely to play a major part in getting people back to work safely in the wake of the pandemic. How and in what sectors?


CIOs, keep an eye out for teams within teams

CIOs must balance strong existing relationships with a challenge to the status quo.


Automation integration orchestration, not location location location

The growth of cloud computing and composable containerised technology combined with mobile device ubiquity means location, location, location is no longer as important as automation, integration and orchestration.


Smashing departmental silos

Siloed working, where departments aren't joined up in their approach, remains an issue in many organisations. What needs to be done to bring these barriers down?


Three ways we may bounce back in 2021 (and why tech wins in all of them)

As the world looks to life after COVID-19, we look at three possible scenarios as to how organisations might bounce back in 2021, and the role technology will play in each.


Is there a mental health pandemic in IT?

Mental problems are on the rise in IT, what can businesses do about it?


10 digital transformation challenges and how to overcome them

Confidence is vital in 2021. Only enterprises willing to take a leap of faith will come out of the pandemic in strong form. But many teams have been hurt by digital transformation failures in the past. Michael Chalmers, MD at...


The digital challenge for Procurement - is almost identical to that faced by CIOs

Technology and procurement teams must become close partners in order to succeed in delivering digital transformation.


Tech's gender imbalance: Is progress being made?

Despite decades of progress towards workplace equality, women remain hugely underrepresented in the UK's technology workforce. The technology sector should do more to support women, and arguably, is best placed to do so. So what needs...


The office of the future will need to diversify its usage

Do farms, cathedral markets and the campus provide signs of how the office will look beyond the pandemic?


Creating positive futures in an era of uncertainty

Combine the Covid-19 pandemic with environmental change, political instability, and rapid advances in technology trends in business, and it feels as if traditional approaches to strategy are inadequate. The scale of change, in short,...


India outside the big cities: will non-metro entrepreneurs seize the coming decade?

A tech-enabled startup ecosystem is emerging outside India’s metros. What's driving this phenomenon?


The age of IT observability becomes clearer

Observability is a measure of the internal health of any computer system in terms of its ability to perform the operations that it was engineered for. Often measured via a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), observability has now focused...


Can remote working help solve IT skills shortage and gender imbalance?

Closing skills gaps and improving gender diversity throughout the IT industry have both proved major challenges for many years, but does the cultural shift towards remote working caused by COVID-19 offer a golden opportunity to...


Africa 2021: Improved infrastructure needed for post-pandemic recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the world. The forecast of the future cannot be left untainted by it.


Asia 2021: Set to embrace the next normal with digital spurt

2021 is unlikely to see a thaw in US-China relations, despite a new resident in the White House, and like the rest of the world, Asia's tech industry will be looking for ways to recover from a damaging 2020.


LatAm 2021: Amid Covid catastrophe start-ups bloom

Despite 2020's Covid catastrophe, the LatAm region boasts surprising start-ups, a change in business approach and a push for digital transformation.


North America 2021: Making the smart move in digitisation

Like much of the world, 2021 will see North American tech managing the effects of the pandemic – with all eyes on President-Elect Joe Biden and his coronavirus strategy.

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