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Three containers in the sky with a cloud underneath; concept for Kubernetes & container apps

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Gartner: 5 key areas to address when devising an effective cloud computing strategy

Cloud computing affects every aspect of IT and the business, so organisations need a strategy and decision process to manage its impacts. IT leaders should address five key areas to decrease their organisation’s cloud risks and...

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Governing factors in data sovereignty on the road ahead

Now is a timely moment to delve into the digital dilemmas thrown up by data sovereignty, and look into some of the current projects, protocols and processes now impacting the way we work in order that we can accommodate for...

PaaS - Platform as a service, Internet technology and development concept.

PaaS Clouds: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest rated solutions in the PaaS Clouds market

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Why Headless in MACH is a no-brainer

MACH stands for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless - as this new mantra for ephemeral abstracted compute logic comes to the fore, why should Headless be such a no-brainer for the modern IT stack?

A server room data centre with blue cloud floating in the middle

Cloud Data Warehouse: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the cloud data warehouse market.


Pure Storage CEO on a mission to modernise data experiences

Charles Giancarlo is ploughing cash into R&D to virtualise and containerise storage and related infrastructure.


Yugabyte CEO awaits flywheel effect for cloud-native apps

Tech veteran Bill Cook is at it again with a database and managed service aimed at applications written for the cloud.


Sovereign cloud: Protecting data in a complex regulatory environment

As the data economy flourishes, organisations must keep up with laws and regulations impacting data sovereignty and ensure they stay in compliance. Neil Stobart, VP of Global System Engineering for Cloudian looks at the five main data...


Steering cloud on manual is dangerous driving

Powering and controlling the internal mechanics of modern cloud networks with manual controls that are potentially subject to a higher degree of human error is a dicey proposition, especially when automatic auto-pilot controls are...


How the cloud is powering modern business intelligence

We cannot understate the implications the cloud is having for modern BI. Within traditional BI, users have been restricted to hardware-bound data, meaning it's difficult to offload into easily-readable and usable formats. Compare this...


Why organisations need to ‘tread carefully’ when it comes to their SAP Cloud migration

The increasingly complex SAP landscape warrants a cautious, systematic and strategic step forward, so how do you get the ‘correct mix’ when it comes to hybrid cloud? Organisations need to act, react – and occasionally push back – with...


How to ‘do’ multi-cloud

There’s a lot of talk about cloud diversity, fragmentation and multifaceted differentiation… but what we really need to know is what kind of yardstick the market uses to tell us how far the multi-cloud revolution is happening - and...


Five cloud problems nobody saw coming

As many shifted to fully remote working during the pandemic, the cloud was that miracle technology that enabled businesses to 'keep calm and carry on'. But, was the cloud mis-sold?


SSE, SASE or CASB?: Spelling out the right security approach

Mike Schurict, SVP of Product Management at Bitglass, explains Security Service Edge and how it fits in with other cybersecurity concepts, such as SASE and CASB.


Policy-as-Code in the new cloud matrix

As we now build the cloud-native era of virtualised and abstracted architectures that run from datacentres to desktops and through the middle-ground network mesh of interconnectivity that joins every node and endpoint together, we can...


Is 2022 the year of clean cloud?

As organisations look to lower their environmental impact, they’re choosing partners that put sustainability first. This is why clean cloud will be a key battlefield in the public cloud market this year.


Predictions for 2022 - Why and how developer experience will make a difference

Looking ahead to 2022, Donnie Berkholz, Vice President Product, Percona reflects on the future for developer experience, and why it will matter.


What will happen around the world of data in 2022?

Data has become critical to businesses, but how will they manage this critical asset in the future? And how will infrastructure, policy and business costs all change in response?

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