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Cloud FinOps: should you outsource or train someone in-house?

Arup CIO Rob Greig's former PA now manages cloud finances for the firm, but Sooraj Shah discovers that firms are taking different approaches to FinOps.

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Technology’s big tradeoff: complexity vs. conformity

The multiplicity of clouds, databases, microservices and containers alongside the infinite variety of converged and divergent services that exist in the typical enterprise IT stack are spiraling in their complexity - how we manage and...

shutterstock 114252466 09.10.20 why technology is even more important for boards now

Why technology is even more important for boards now

How to distribute focus and investments across three horizons: immediate challenges, business recovery plans, and to create a future business with technology at its core.

shutterstock 745842283 09.10.20 the partnership path to net zero carbon in the cloud

The partnership path to net zero carbon in the cloud

Digital transformation and the move to cloud offer organisations significant opportunity to decarbonise by leveraging net zero carbon IT services and data centre operations.

How to make a risk analysis for a public cloud migration

Why you should make a risk analysis for a public cloud migration.

Cloud growth outweighs Covid effect in APAC

One sector which has been booming during the Covid-19 pandemic is cloud computing: and this is at least as true in Asia as it is elsewhere.

Don't let the risk of spiralling cloud costs threaten your ability to innovate

Jon Shanks, CEO and Founder of Appvia discusses why cloud infrastructure costs can get out of control and how businesses can save money.

Why observability is a key metric for the cloud era

The abstract virtual world of cloud computing can be more directly and accurately controlled if the right observability and visibility tools are applied to as-a-Service applications and services.

Asia reaches to embrace the cloud - but needs to step up the pace

Cloud spending is increasing in businesses across APAC, but foundational gaps are slowing adoption and impeding growth.

Device42 and ServiceNow: Which is the best IT asset management tool?

IT Central Station users compare two of the highest reviewed solutions in the IT asset management market: Device 42 and ServiceNow.

Everything you need to know about… Cloud computing

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on cloud computing.

Cloud management is no job for humans

What role will AI and machine learning play in managing the cloud in the near future?

Oracle HCM shows the human (resources) side of cloud

Not all clouds are equal - an HR cloud has specific pre-engineered features and analytics services to suit tasks related to workforce management.

Instanda builds a platform for the new insurance

A UK insurtech startup has built a cloud framework for carriers to be more nimble.

How to elevate a database to the cloud

How should you move your database structures to the cloud?

Can we conquer cloud complexity?

Why is cloud so complicated?

Clouds over LatAm: The digital giants jostle for position

As Google announces it expects to triple its "customer workforce" we look at what's happening in Latin America's Cloud scene.

Cloud native data warehouses: are they enterprise-ready?

Data warehouses from cloud platform providers are applying resourcing to match incumbents brand loyalty

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