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Businessman in virtual reality goggles having video call with coworker

VR, AR and the future of virtual meetings

How will virtual and augmented reality technologies change the way that meetings are conducted in a socially distanced world?


Gartner: Six tips to make better use of Microsoft Teams

Gartner has identified six practices that application leaders can employ to help employees make better use of Microsoft Teams.


How tech has supported developing countries during the coronavirus pandemic

Developing countries have faced enormous challenges in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, but technology has supported them in a variety of ways.

Wire CEO sees secure messaging surge as working patterns change

Morten Brøgger believes his company's time is coming as companies seek new ways to work.

Remote working has lift off

Will the virus outbreak bring about a permanent shift in working practices towards home working - boosting tools such as MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and others? Can these tools cope with the sudden boom in demand?

Dropbox's next stage: a single workspace for content and people

Having conquered file sharing, Dropbox wants to be at the heart of innovation.

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