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Facebook, Google and the Seven Eyes: implications for privacy

A look at the Australian government's efforts against end-to-end encryption: Facebook is oddly found among the good guys.

U.S. Capitol Building Washington, DC USA

News roundup: more Senate heat for Facebook/Twitter, Huawei sells Honor, and VMware breaks into blockchain

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including more US Senate grilling for big tech, a blockchain venture for VMware, and the verdict on Apple’s M1 chips.

LGPD: a look at the state of Brazil's big privacy regulation law

Brazil's new unified data privacy regulation LGPD is set to cause quite a stir in the country and facilitate a lot of progress amongst local organisations. However, delays and amendments to the bill are causing uncertainty and may...

Everything you need to know about… GDPR

With a month to go, here is our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on GDPR.

Curbing Big Tech: Can Canberra do it, or should we all be helping?

The Australian government has received official recommendations to get tough on the world's digital giants. Ministers say they can and will bring the likes of Google and Facebook to heel: but a former Google Australia executive...

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