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Headshot of Satyen Sangani, CEO at Alation

Cataloguing pioneer Alation seeks to spread data culture

Alation CEO Satyen Sangani helped to popularise data cataloguing but says firms must build a data-driven culture.

Futuristic concept for data algorithm and data architecture

Data mesh vs data fabric: understanding the popular data architectures

This article highlights key differences and similarities between Data Mesh and Data Fabric architecture. Learn how the combination of both approaches can build a versatile data product platform for your enterprise.


Have we lost control of data?

Data. Big Data. Bigger Data warehouses. Even bigger Data lakes. The face of data has taken many forms over the years. Where you store it has changed. How you use it has shifted. It’s hard to keep track. Decades and decades worth of...


ThoughtSpot defines shape of the modern data stack

We are now being sold so-called ‘modern cloud’ systems, modern application platforms, modern approaches to AI and modern data and modern data analytics - so what makes data analytics modern and what ingredients go into this new mix?


Enhancing data governance and quality with a Data Fabric strategy

To improve outcomes, enterprises must get their data governance and quality right by moving away from the traditional approach.


Data feeds the hungry of the UK and USA

Poverty is driving increased use of food banks, especially during the pandemic. Two charities have worked with leading data tech firms to put food on the table.


A new recipe for enterprise data, 'too many cooks' is over

The adage 'too many cooks' might still apply in the soup kitchen, but in cloud-centric data analytics, there is an argument for more ingredients (data sources), more cooks (data scientists) and more servings all round.


How to avoid common pitfalls in your data integrity journey

If data represents a new form of doing business, then success in that new climate relies on equipping users with the tools needed to meet the challenges of a changing world. Dave Langton, vice president of product at Matillion looks...


4 tech trends reviving the open data ecosystem

As companies collect massive amounts of data to understand their customers and make better informed business decisions, they must glean meaningful insights from dozens, albeit thousands, of different data sources and in multiple...


The rise of the Data Fabric - Has the data lake run its course?

Data lakes and data warehouses are still useful, but it’s time to take a new approach to data management.


How ‘data lineage’ tracks data journeys down system bloodlines

A close cousin to cloud-centric observability & visibility, data lineage may be one rung lower down the technology DNA scale and closer to the heart of every enterprise organisation’s information genome.

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