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3D Illustration rendering of data sets. Deduplication concept
digital code number abstract background, represent data visualisation

Businessman using tablet pc and selecting data integration

Data Integration Tools: Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the data integration tools market

Businessman holding globe with data connections

Data can no longer be a gut reaction

As with our guts, data has to be better understood if the enterprise is to remain in good health

Headshot of  Sanjay Poonen, CEO at Cohesity

Cohesity CEO aims to be backup’s disruptor

Sanjay Poonen sees an opportunity to make Cohesity Silicon Valley’s next star

Blue Technology Digital Highway background

Governing factors in data sovereignty on the road ahead

Now is a timely moment to delve into the digital dilemmas thrown up by data sovereignty, and look into some of the current projects, protocols and processes now impacting the way we work in order that we can accommodate for...

Closeup on businessman holding a card with DLP Data Loss Prevention message

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the data loss prevention (DLP) market

Abstract giving hand with cogwheels. Hyperautomation concept

Hyperautomation without the hype

Since it was named the number one strategic technology trend in 2020, hyperautomation is predicted to generate a global addressable market of almost $600 billion in 2022. For firms seeking to enhance their competitive edge and exploit...

Businessman touch cloud computing icon meant to be data storage concept.

Software Defined Storage (SDS): Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest rated solutions in the software defined storage (SDS) market

Illustration of businessman archery on king chess growth chart aiming at target

Informatica CEO plots data-centric return

Amit Walia has taken Informatica public again, but the company is different this time around

Close up of name tag stating ‘Chief Digital Officer’

Snowflake data principal: the birth of the ‘new’ CDO

The first (Jurassic period) chief digital officers (CDOs) were mostly focused on the state of enterprise data from a security, privacy and storage perspective with just a few thinking about data policies and analytics - today we sit...

Headshot of Satyen Sangani, CEO at Alation

Cataloguing pioneer Alation seeks to spread data culture

Alation CEO Satyen Sangani helped to popularise data cataloguing but says firms must build a data-driven culture.

A server room data centre with blue cloud floating in the middle

Cloud Data Warehouse: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the cloud data warehouse market.

Futuristic concept for data algorithm and data architecture

Data mesh vs data fabric: understanding the popular data architectures

This article highlights key differences and similarities between Data Mesh and Data Fabric architecture. Learn how the combination of both approaches can build a versatile data product platform for your enterprise.

Cyber security illustration. Lock icon. Digital information and database protection

Database Security: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the database security market.


Why the C-Suite needs to care about data engineering

As the digital grease-juggling engineers that make up our DevOps teams now work an explosion of data tools across complex & fragmented workflows, can database management specialists like Percona improve the data engineering team’s...


Embedded finance: Connecting the dots

As financial products integrate into user journeys, what are the implications for the various stakeholders?


Have we lost control of data?

Data. Big Data. Bigger Data warehouses. Even bigger Data lakes. The face of data has taken many forms over the years. Where you store it has changed. How you use it has shifted. It’s hard to keep track. Decades and decades worth of...


ThoughtSpot defines shape of the modern data stack

We are now being sold so-called ‘modern cloud’ systems, modern application platforms, modern approaches to AI and modern data and modern data analytics - so what makes data analytics modern and what ingredients go into this new mix?


Pure Storage CEO on a mission to modernise data experiences

Charles Giancarlo is ploughing cash into R&D to virtualise and containerise storage and related infrastructure.

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