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What will happen around the world of data in 2022?

Data has become critical to businesses, but how will they manage this critical asset in the future? And how will infrastructure, policy and business costs all change in response?


AWS opens business analytics to serverless scope & simplicity

A new world of more flexible data analytics is achievable by using cloud-based serverless provisioning, management and delivery claims Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the company now offers the scope and promised simplicity that comes...


Data Warehouse: Which solution is best?

IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the Data Warehouse market.


Hold on, we’re entering the age of the AI-accelerator

Technology accelerators speed things up, obviously. But then so does extra processing power, additional server space and drinking too much coffee - we are talking about the more considered use of IT accelerators in the new world of AI...


How to avoid common pitfalls in your data integrity journey

If data represents a new form of doing business, then success in that new climate relies on equipping users with the tools needed to meet the challenges of a changing world. Dave Langton, vice president of product at Matillion looks...


Data will grow sustainable agriculture

Sustainability requires new data-driven thinking by the entire food and farming supply chain.


Why the robot revolution isn’t the only game in town

Entrepreneur Anthony Finbow discusses how advances in knowledge and innovation related to the microbiome is helping drive the new economy, with the microbe as the new unit of currency.


Data poisoning: how to prevent the threat of biased AI outcomes

Machine learning models are not safe. Data poisoning is an emerging threat. But what is it, and how can organisations avoid it? Spiros Potamitis, Senior Data Scientist at SAS Global Technology Practice shares how this threat arises,...


Cloud computing lessons from US Steel

Just as US Steel saw its market dominance usurped by Nucor Corporation with its mini-mill model, the behemoths of the cloud datacentre market may see a new degree of fragmentation brought to the fore as a result of the impact of...


4 tech trends reviving the open data ecosystem

As companies collect massive amounts of data to understand their customers and make better informed business decisions, they must glean meaningful insights from dozens, albeit thousands, of different data sources and in multiple...


The rise of the Data Fabric - Has the data lake run its course?

Data lakes and data warehouses are still useful, but it’s time to take a new approach to data management.


Dell EMC PowerProtect DD (Data Domain) and HPE StoreOnce: Which deduplication software tool is better?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the deduplication software market – Dell EMC PowerProtect DD (Data Domain) and HPE StoreOnce.


Deduplication software: Which solution is best?

IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the deduplication software market.


EMEA CEO: Tableau set to benefit from board's data focus

Two years into its life as part of Salesforce, Tableau is expanding across Europe.


How ‘data lineage’ tracks data journeys down system bloodlines

A close cousin to cloud-centric observability & visibility, data lineage may be one rung lower down the technology DNA scale and closer to the heart of every enterprise organisation’s information genome.


Metadata gold: Why metadata is the critical underpinning of business

Data is a powerful tool, especially in business. Despite this, and the benefits it can bring, not many business leaders are familiar with data’s counterpart, metadata, and its usefulness. By understanding metadata and adopting a...


What if the weapons of AI were turned on itself?

Here artificial intelligence (AI) is under investigation by Detectives Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Federated Learning. Now we could get some answers!


Why distributed processing helps data scale-out & speed-up

For CIOs working across the full transept of industry verticals in small, medium-sized or large capacity enterprises, there is an increased focused on data-driven business -- so, as data needs to scale-out and speed-up, could...

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