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Data poisoning: how to prevent the threat of biased AI outcomes

Machine learning models are not safe. Data poisoning is an emerging threat. But what is it, and how can organisations avoid it? Spiros Potamitis, Senior Data Scientist at SAS Global Technology Practice shares how this threat arises,...


Cloud computing lessons from US Steel

Just as US Steel saw its market dominance usurped by Nucor Corporation with its mini-mill model, the behemoths of the cloud datacentre market may see a new degree of fragmentation brought to the fore as a result of the impact of...


4 tech trends reviving the open data ecosystem

As companies collect massive amounts of data to understand their customers and make better informed business decisions, they must glean meaningful insights from dozens, albeit thousands, of different data sources and in multiple...


The rise of the Data Fabric - Has the data lake run its course?

Data lakes and data warehouses are still useful, but it’s time to take a new approach to data management.


Dell EMC PowerProtect DD (Data Domain) and HPE StoreOnce: Which deduplication software tool is better?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the deduplication software market – Dell EMC PowerProtect DD (Data Domain) and HPE StoreOnce.


Deduplication software: Which solution is best?

IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the deduplication software market.


EMEA CEO: Tableau set to benefit from board's data focus

Two years into its life as part of Salesforce, Tableau is expanding across Europe.


How ‘data lineage’ tracks data journeys down system bloodlines

A close cousin to cloud-centric observability & visibility, data lineage may be one rung lower down the technology DNA scale and closer to the heart of every enterprise organisation’s information genome.


Metadata gold: Why metadata is the critical underpinning of business

Data is a powerful tool, especially in business. Despite this, and the benefits it can bring, not many business leaders are familiar with data’s counterpart, metadata, and its usefulness. By understanding metadata and adopting a...


What if the weapons of AI were turned on itself?

Here artificial intelligence (AI) is under investigation by Detectives Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Federated Learning. Now we could get some answers!


Why distributed processing helps data scale-out & speed-up

For CIOs working across the full transept of industry verticals in small, medium-sized or large capacity enterprises, there is an increased focused on data-driven business -- so, as data needs to scale-out and speed-up, could...


Soda pours effort into building a data observatory

Belgian company seeks to automate processes that fix data disconnects.


It's time to push the data pedal hard

Sport can always teach business a thing or two, the acceleration of data in pro-cycling and F1 is set to deliver big wins.


Cycling gets smarter, on the street and in the race

Data, Apps and IoT are reshaping cycling for Grand Tour winners, amateur riders or commuters in Smart Cities.


Infrastructure's journey to invisibility

Good technology is technology that users don't even notice - and so, in a sense, good technology is invisible. As cloud computing and the compartmentalised world of containers now flourishes, how should we track our IT...


UK at risk without a national data strategy

Leading peers on the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence worry that the UK will not benefit or control AI as national data strategy is delayed.


Why 'unified' data tools are more powerful

In the era cloud computing and the platform technologies, perhaps the most hackneyed term of the moment is unified. Software firms boast of their unified platform, unified toolset, unified approach and their unified User Interface...


Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake: Which cloud data warehouse solution is better?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the Cloud Data Warehouse market – Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake.


Why does open technology feel so closed?

King Content is dead. All hail Context, the Queen of the communication age! It’s time to fix the reality gap caused by duplicitous data.


What is a ‘data-driven culture’ and how can an organisation build one?

Data is now the lifeblood of a modern organisation. However, growing into a data-led business relies on the people within the business who are willing to embrace a data-driven culture.

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