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The state of data protection law in Pakistan

The effect and influence of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) upon the data privacy laws of swathes of countries around the world cannot be overstated. While GDPR is definitely not perfect, the laws have undoubtedly...

Privacy in a pandemic: a guide to health data processing rules in Europe

As employees start to return to work, many firms will be wondering what the rules are when it comes to collecting and processing health data and, crucially, conducting virus-related testing. We talk to a privacy expert to assess some...

The ethics of tracking apps: Is mass surveillance the new normal?

Will the Covid-19 pandemic normalise mass surveillance and tracking apps?

Bringing Facebook to book Down Under

The embattled web giant struggles to suppress crackpot theories as coronavirus keeps its moderators off work and Australian courts consider a colossal privacy fine

Has COVID-19 changed the face of tech ethics forever?

COVID-19 is influencing changes to what we consider ethical use of technology. While these changes are aimed at solving a short-term global issue, they may have permanent ramifications.

Lawyer says UK likely to maintain data rights, despite fears

Recent cases have sparked concern over the UK's post-Brexit data protections.

Why privacy investments are now seeing some impressive returns

Privacy investments have long been thought of by business leaders as primarily a cost-centre, however new research suggests there are some serious ROIs to be had out of bolstering your privacy profile.

Tech Cynic: Eavesdroppers, hackers, guests and privacy

It's not just the manufacturers of home assistants that could be listening to you and your visitors

China's new corporate social credit system is a major new threat to data security

China's new social credit scoring system raises a number of questions over corporate data security and integrity.

Navigating the compliance storm: Talend on tricky GDPR issues and how to solve them

As GDPR celebrates its one-year anniversary, we sit down with Talend senior director of data governance Jean Michel Franco to talk about where organisations are still going wrong and how things are likely to change.

GDPR anniversary: One year on, have we actually gotten any better at compliance?

Now that the dreaded GDPR implementation date is one year behind us, we take a look at why organisations are still struggling with GDPR and where improvements can be made

Wild West Web: There's a new Australian sheriff in town

Canberra's probe into digital media could have major implications for the web giants - and for everyone else in the tech sector.

Rise of global data regulations benefits CIOs

Economies across the world are passing data laws similar to Europe's GDPR and the increased regulatory environment is releasing budget to CIOs and CTOs says NTT's Rich Harper.

Utilising NGFW to secure personal data in financial institutions

The vulnerabilities associated with new open APIs and 'shadow IT' practices implemented by employees and why they need to be addressed to protect a company's brand and customer data

The business effects of Australia's new snooping law

Canberra's new surveillance law and its consequences for cybersecurity, blockchain and networks in Australia

How do global privacy laws stack up to GDPR?

With many organisations still struggling to keep up with GDPR, we take a look at four other international privacy policies to see if they're doing things any differently.

Heads up: ePrivacy regulation is coming

The UE's new wide-reaching privacy regulation, ePrivacy Regulation could be more impactful than GDPR, and will affect companies in the US.

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