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2022: A bluffers’ guide to what may happen in technology

It’s easy to predict the future at a time of flux in technology, geopolitics, climate crisis. It’s just that you’re likely to be wrong.


Live facial recognition technology – friend or foe?

Live facial recognition technology offers many benefits, but concerns still abound regarding privacy and data protection. We ask whether the benefits outweigh the risks, and how public trust in the technology could grow.


News roundup: Apple to pay $300 million for patent infringement, Twitter forced to rethink redesign, US government to probe Tesla and more

A round-up of the week’s technology news, including Apple’s $300 million patent infringement settlement, Twitter’s redesign dilemma, a US government investigation into Tesla and more.


Gartner: Three years in … is there such a thing as “GDPR compliant”?

GDPR has fundamentally transformed how businesses handle personal data around the globe, but implementing such detailed reform comes with its own challenges.


India’s data protection challenge

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill cannot come soon enough as a wave of cyberattacks hits the nation.


UK at risk without a national data strategy

Leading peers on the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence worry that the UK will not benefit or control AI as national data strategy is delayed.


5 data shifts that are steering business strategy

Focus is on the year ahead as it is set to give rise to disruptive data strategies and privacy-centric organisational shifts as businesses race to gain a competitive advantage without compromising on trust. Truata CEO Felix Marx...


Facebook, Google and the Seven Eyes: implications for privacy

A look at the Australian government's efforts against end-to-end encryption: Facebook is oddly found among the good guys.


How a no-deal Brexit will impact data protection practices

With negotiations at an impasse, a no-deal Brexit is looking ever more likely. If we get to Dec 31st without a withdrawal agreement, how will this affect the transfer of personal data between the EU and UK?


Schrems II: What you need to know

A case that began with a complaint about Facebook has snowballed to become a major data protection headache.


What South Africa's new data privacy law means for businesses

A look at the fundamentals of South Africa's POPIA compliance and best practices, as well as its key differences and similarities with GDPR.

Gavel on wooden block

News roundup: the US takes on Google in huge lawsuit

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including a huge US lawsuit against Google, more Russian election hacking, and a 4G network on the moon.


Inspired by GDPR, here is how Brazil’s new data privacy law will work

What is Brazil's new data privacy law, and what do companies doing business in Brazil need to know about it?

The state of data protection law in Pakistan

The effect and influence of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) upon the data privacy laws of swathes of countries around the world cannot be overstated. While GDPR is definitely not perfect, the laws have undoubtedly...

Privacy in a pandemic: a guide to health data processing rules in Europe

As employees start to return to work, many firms will be wondering what the rules are when it comes to collecting and processing health data and, crucially, conducting virus-related testing. We talk to a privacy expert to assess some...

The ethics of tracking apps: Is mass surveillance the new normal?

Will the Covid-19 pandemic normalise mass surveillance and tracking apps?

Bringing Facebook to book Down Under

The embattled web giant struggles to suppress crackpot theories as coronavirus keeps its moderators off work and Australian courts consider a colossal privacy fine

Has COVID-19 changed the face of tech ethics forever?

COVID-19 is influencing changes to what we consider ethical use of technology. While these changes are aimed at solving a short-term global issue, they may have permanent ramifications.

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