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Utilising NGFW to secure personal data in financial institutions

The vulnerabilities associated with new open APIs and 'shadow IT' practices implemented by employees and why they need to be addressed to protect a company's brand and customer data

The business effects of Australia's new snooping law

Canberra's new surveillance law and its consequences for cybersecurity, blockchain and networks in Australia

How do global privacy laws stack up to GDPR?

With many organisations still struggling to keep up with GDPR, we take a look at four other international privacy policies to see if they're doing things any differently.

Heads up: ePrivacy regulation is coming

The UE's new wide-reaching privacy regulation, ePrivacy Regulation could be more impactful than GDPR, and will affect companies in the US.

GDPR-based extortion could be the next cybercrime trend

Could the threat of reporting a company for GDPR noncompliance be a new revenue stream for cybercriminals?

What does ethical and transparent data use look like?

How can companies wanting to continue to leverage the benefits of data analytics maintain good relationships with their customers in the current context?

News Roundup: Dixons Carphone are the first company to make a post-legislative disclosure

A roundup of the week’s technology news including more data breaches, start-up visas, and the World Cup.

Should companies #DeleteFacebook?

SpaceX and Tesla both no longer have Facebook accounts. Should other companies follow suit?

The role of the Quantified Self in a corporate environment and what it means for IT

Tracking employee health data can yield benefits but create issues for IT

Why middle management and the board disagree on GDPR

New Clearswift research suggests a difference in opinion on GDPR preparedness between board members and middle management

Why GDPR means Smart Cities need to move on from an 'Open Data' approach

Smart City projects need to get smart about their data in the face of GDPR requirements.

Beware the GDPR vapourware

NetApp’s legal head Sheila FitzPatrick on why companies can’t simply buy or outsource their way to GDPR compliance.

GDPR: It's about privacy, not security

A discussion with Sheila FitzPatrick of NetApp about the confusion surrounding the true purpose of GDPR

Commvault thinks it's hip, and is stealing talent from rivals to prove it

Why a change culture which allows failure means Commvault is stealing the cream of the crop from the likes of EMC, Veeam, and Veritas.

What does "data sanitisation" mean?

Richard Stiennon discusses how to wash your hands of data breaches

Why is "privacy engineering" suddenly important?

What is privacy engineering and why should we care about it?

What enterprises can learn from national data breaches

Sweden is the latest country whose data security has been shown to be woefully inadequate. What lessons can be learned?

Overlook the insider threats at your peril

Thomas Fischer, global security advocate at Digital Guardian, discusses why the security risk posed by insider threats is growing

Naked security: Why technology alone can't conquer GDPR

Workers are just as important as technology when it comes to GDPR

Online voting presents cybersecurity conundrum

Are online voting systems sustainable?

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