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Discover what real users think of database security products

Find out the top 10 database security vendors based on real users’ views from IT Central Station

Five clear blockchain uses outside finance

We look at some of the areas tipped for blockchain disruption

EDB Postgres CEO stays focused amid changing database times

Ed Boyajian, CEO of open source database firm EDB, wants to be the core database provider to enterprises

SolarWinds Q&A: Airline industry next for blockchain disruption

Two SolarWinds executives discuss the rise of blockchain in the airline industry

Blockchain exchange bids to disrupt artworks trading

A project called Maecenas is trying to make liquid assets of fine art

Blockchain and the elephant in the room

Mance Harmon, CEO at Swirlds looks at the security concerns associated with blockchain

Public vs. private blockchains: It could all prove a bit like the cloud

The future of blockchain could be a blend of public, private and hybrid

IT consultancy provides perspective on the future of blockchain usage

A Q&A with digital IT consultancy Reply around the future of blockchain

Q&A: The energy sector will be next for blockchain disruption

We speak to Guy Halford-Thompson, founder and CEO of BTL Group

Ethereum wants to be the OpenStack of enterprise blockchain

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance which launched this week could prove a decisive step for enterprise blockchain

Ghanaian blockchain company looks to verify land ownership

Bitland aims to use blockchain to safeguard land title registrations.

Windbags withstanding, blockchain isn't a panacea for world ills

Despite the hype (and mind melting complexity) blockchain isn’t the answer to every problem you’ve ever thought of

VCs share their perspectives on the Blockchain investment space

Three investors talk about why they are investing in Blockchain and the current market.

How graph technology can help get 'fake food' out the shops

Chris Morrison, CEO of Transparency-One, explains how graph databases can provide supply chain transparency to help mitigate the rise of substandard food

Meet Michael Stonebraker, database pioneer

If you want to know where the database industry is going, ask the man who inspired most of it

The business case for switching to open source databases

Gartner reports that many organizations are shifting to over to open source databases – why is this?

Larry Ellison Closes a Historic Chapter

The Oracle CEO and masterful strategist and deal maker is stepping down

DataStax Stacks Up another $106m in VC on Cassandra Fever

The NoSQL database vendor seeks global growth

Splice Machine CEO Wants Database Shake-Up

Monte Zweben hopes his combination of SQL and Hadoop can ring the changes in the RDBMS sector

Follow Up: Should Software Testing be Military?

In a commissioned follow up to "Should Software Testing be Military?" Kim Gillus of Sharp Decisions responds to some of the comments.

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