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UK software giant Advanced makes quiet progress

Gordon Wilson runs a UK software house that’s critical to national infrastructure… even if you’ve never heard of it


What is GitOps and why does it matter to your business?

Tom Finch, Solutions Architect at cloud native delivery platform Appvia, demystifies GitOps and explains why it’s an important part of the bigger technology and digitalisation play for businesses


Is India on track to become a software product powerhouse?

India started off as an IT outsourcing centre and is now looking to transform itself into a SaaS and deep tech hub fuelled by start-ups.


The rise of democratised, productised & operationalised IT

Technology vendors are fond of slathering on layers of value-add functionality to their products in an attempt to make them more accessible, flexible and useable - is the rise of democratised, productised and operationalised...


Mary McDowell steers Mitel through uncharted waters

The Canadian company’s CEO hopes that Covid will lead to a permanent wave in favour of communications.


Laying a foundation for dynamic software architectures

The label 'dynamic software architecture' is an oft-overused seldom justified term... but does in fact denote a software system with a higher degree of moveable, changeable, adjustable components at its base layer.


Cloud & security top of IT investment agendas in 2021

With non-essential investment set to fall, how will CIOs be spending their budgets in 2021? We look at what the priorities are and where we’ll see the most investment (and why).


No-code and the future of coding skills

With the rise of no-code and low-code technologies, do you really need to learn to code?


4 predictions for open source in 2021

The success of open source comes with a price. Peter Zaitsev speculates on the future of open source software, and how it might evolve to meet these challenges.


Boomi AtomSphere Integration and Mule Anypoint Platform: Which integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution is better?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market – Boomi AtomSphere Integration and Mule Anypoint Platform.


Scale: 4 predictions for 2021

Everybody talks about scaling up and out, but what is changing around this in practice heading into 2021?


7 intelligent automation trends to expect in 2021

With businesses continuing to navigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, what can we expect to see from automation and AI next year?


News roundup 2020: the biggest tech stories of the year

It's safe to say 2020 has been a year to forget! We look back at some of the biggest tech stories that everyone was talking about throughout the year, across all areas of the sphere.


Mmhmm brings out the performer in video presenters

Pandemic-period startup mmhmm adds a dimension to Zoom and other video tools.

SPONSORED: Getting to grips with data management

As we move to more digital businesses, the number of apps we have is increasing, and these consume data prodigiously. Managing this spiderweb of app and data dependencies is becoming impossible to do manually, but AI assisted...

SPONSORED: Unifying storage to extract value from data

Business generate and store more data than ever, but for most that data is locked away and inaccessible to applications and analysts. Modern multi-protocol storage systems are able to democratize this data, making it available to aid...

mainframe in dark room with illumination from server hardware

SPONSORED: The hidden ingredients that deliver high performance flash

Behind a rapid shift to digital apps and services, legacy storage systems struggle to deliver the performance required. Investing in optimized NVMe All-Flash-Arrays can help applications and your business really perform.


Chenosis: New Pan African API marketplace for developers

How MTN is providing a new Pan-African API aggregator marketplace for Developers to offer and consume API products from a single platform.

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