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Norway powers up a clean data centre future for CIOs

Norway and its neighbours are at the forefront of making the data centre environmentally sustainable.


CIOs, it's time to listen to Greta

As with the banking crisis, austerity and the pandemic, CIOs can and must play a vital role in moving to sustainable business models.


The agritech revolution

Discover how the agriculture sector is leveraging the latest technologies to improve sustainable farming.


The connection between digitalisation and sustainability

Digitalisation and sustainability are two sides of the same coin and should be considered in tandem.


COVID-19 intensified the enterprise e-waste problem

The pandemic accelerated the e-waste problem as enterprises bought more devices for the WFH transition but forgot to change their behaviour around e-waste. We need better sustainable practices around enterprise e-waste.


Putting the digital economy’s emissions house in order

In a world plagued by climate change, it's vital that the digital industry's carbon footprint is reduced. So how can businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint?


What lessons can the US learn from China to make their EV transition successful?

With China still expected to dominate the electric vehicle market, what are some of the crucial lessons the US can take away from their success?

How tech can help to tackle climate change

There's no denying that climate change is one of the biggest threats to our way of living. Can technology help to save the world?

How do big tech's carbon neutral plans stack up?

The 4th industrial revolution is becoming a huge driver of carbon emissions. So how realistic are carbon neutral aims given the growth of digital technology?

AI and IoT: Helping or hindering the climate change journey?

Addressing climate change has become a top priority. Is emerging tech helping or hindering our progress?

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