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How IoT is vital for the ecological future of the connected planet

This contributed piece from Gemalto looks at how the Internet of Things can help the planet

Climate change tech: COP21 and the buildings of the future

Technology to combat climate change is at our fingertips but politics can always get in the way of progress

Tech-rich supergroup aims to speed up renewable energy tempo

A gathering of some of the world’s most powerful people is intended to address our looming energy crisis

Global warming: Can tech help?

How can tech help the world hit climate change targets?

Solaris: Lunchbox-size energy businesses for rural Tanzania

How one tech solution model is supplying solar energy to rural Tanzania villages

Wanted: a new era in era of low-heat computing

Computers generate a lot of heat, most of which is wasted. But that's changing thanks to some novel thinking.

Tencent fuels China's electric vehicle drive

The internet giant is helping to build momentum for the electric vehicle revolution

Leadership: All Those Shades of Grey

We take a quick look at leadership and try to discover what it really means

Climate Change: How Tech Can Help

Two major climate change reports warn how technology is helping change the world for the worst. But can it help too?

Typical 24: Roel Castelein, EMEA GTM Strategy Senior Manager, EMC

IDG Connect is looking to speak to IT, business and marketing professionals across the spectrum to discover more about their very different, typical working days...

The Democracy of Design in South Africa

South Africa’s low-tech design, the Light House provides innovative solutions to core informal settlement problems.

Cars of the Future Revved at Tokyo Motor Show

Highlights include a prototype mimicking a horse/rider relationship with its driver

IT and US Energy: Grids Go Smart, Armed Forces Go Solar

In IT for electricity, only the Pentagon now prefers the supply of photovoltaic power to metering manoeuvres

Solar Flower Powers Phones in Bloemfontein

In the heart of South Africa in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality (Bloemfontein), students at the Central University of Technology are now tapping into the sun to keep their social media tools on the go.

"War of the Currents": Google, Facebook & Thomas Edison (Sustainability in Tech, Part 2)

The second of a two-part series on sustainability looks at electricity and its importance for companies like Google and Facebook

"Cause India": Global 100, Tata & ABG (Sustainability in Tech, Part 1)

The first of a two-part series on sustainability addresses the Global 100, “cause India”… and what sustainability really means.

Should Tech Be Involved With Political Lobbying?

Mark Zuckerberg's Fwd.Us lobbying group has come under fire recently for some shady back scratching. But should tech be involved with politics at all? Dan Swinhoe investigates.

Richard Casselberry (US) - The Real Cost of Green IT

There sure are a lot of vendors selling “Green” solutions now. But many of these solutions don’t really make sense once you start peeling back the onion so to speak. In some cases they actually cost more and while that may be worth it...

Tim James (Global) - The Role of the CIO in the Low Carbon Economy

Why isn't IT leading the environmental charge? This article looks at how IT can help a low carbon economy.

Roger Schmidt (Global) - Utilization Is the Name of the Game for Energy Efficiency

We might think of information technology as being Green, but the world's datacenters require approximately 1% of the world's total electricity demand. So how can we make IT more Green? This article explains.

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