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Has tech-led remote care reached a tipping point?

The pandemic has accelerated tech delivered remote healthcare. CIOs and tech leaders believe new opportunities will benefit patients and providers.

healthcare data breach / medical patient privacy security violation

A new prescription for big data headaches in pharma-tech

Every industry runs on data. From oil rigs to bakeries and from finance to dressmaking, every business now has a responsibility to re-define itself as a data-centric software business. The pharmaceutical industry is no different. A...

Health technology needs greater diversity

Technology can improve the health of healthcare, but requires improvements in diversity if the course is to succeed.

How assistive technologies are transforming the lives of disabled people

Living with a disability is a challenge faced by many, but assistive technology is making their lives easier.

NHS digital agency leaders ready for Coronavirus

COVID-19 is increasing demand on healthcare digital services, but the UK's digital health agency leaders believe they can cope and will herald change

Can tech help to solve the coronavirus epidemic?

As coronavirus continues to spread across the world, technology companies are leveraging the latest innovation to help diagnose, treat and contain this disease.

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