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Sophia Genetics quietly drives the next wave of personalised medicine

Jurgi Camblong, CEO of Sophia Genetics talks genome sequencing, big data and analytics driven healthcare

Polish DocPlanner competes to win the global 'doctor bookings' market

DocPlanner's CEO, Mariusz Gralewski discusses the future of healthcare and being the biggest Polish-based recipients of VC funding in history

Forecasting the future of the digital health revolution

Melville J. Carrie, Vice President of Digital at Genpact discusses the future of health

Person-to-object interface: Next gen bionics for amputees

How Cambridge Bio-Augmentation System is looking to solve the disconnect between artificial limbs and the people they’re attached to

AliveCor: Medical grade smartphone ECG targets stroke risk

We catch-up with Francis White from AliveCor about proactive heart health and how Kardia Mobile has been picked up by the UK’s NHS

Walls close in on Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

The Theranos media circus has reached a conclusion – for now.

Industry partnership could open gateway to IoT health tech

A new partnership between Philips and Pegasystems could bring us a step closer to the future of connected healthcare

Mediconecta: Telehealth startup has high hopes for Latin America

We catch up with the winner of the eMerge startup competition in Miami.

uMotif Q&A: Three years of doctor-monitored health tracking

We catch-up with Bruce Hellman, CEO and co-founder of uMotif, a start-up which helps patients engage in self-management

Docquity Q&A: "LinkedIn plus plus" for doctors in emerging regions

We catch-up with Amit Vithal, co-founder of Docquity a new platform for validated doctors to share expertise and get a second opinion

Teleradiology company helps solve radiologist shortage in Brazil

A company is using telemedicine to solve the radiologist shortage in Brazil

Wired Health 2016: Organs-on-chips, AI doctors and robot surgeons

We give our thoughts from the Wired Health conference in London.

Theranos and the great media circus is tiring

The media’s obsession with rising and crashing stars needs to stop.

I spent 20 minutes inside live VR surgery

We go inside the operating theatre for the world’s first live VR surgery in London.

What will health tech mean for ordinary people in 2026?

We consult a panel of 17 experts to produce this new online report about the future of health tech

Two perspectives: Virtual Reality to help treat depression

Experts in Virtual Reality and depression share their views on how this new technology can be used as a treatment for this mental health condition

Bionic exoskeletons: Why haven't they replaced wheelchairs?

Bionic assistive technology sounds futuristic, but technical innovation isn’t the real factor keeping exoskeletons from walking the streets every day

Under-the-skin implants: Health tracking or Facebook feed to the brain?

Once battery sizes shrink, a world of implantable tech might make the shift from science fiction to reality

Perspective: How my injury helped me develop a tech solution

Lola Oyelayo, Director of Strategy & UX at Head London shares her story of creating wearable tech to help recover from injury.

Africa and the rise of 'doctors on demand'

A new wave of medical health apps aim to change poor medical access for Africans

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