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VR in the enterprise

Predictions suggest 80% of businesses will invest in VR or AR in the next year, but what are the enterprise use cases? And how do you embark on an enterprise VR project?

shutterstock 1670874856 05.10.20 how the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

How the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

Many people are facing redundancy as a result of the economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but there are plenty of opportunities awaiting them in the tech sector.

Death by a Thousand Talents: How China's brain gain is harming western firms

Are Chinese-government-sponsored 'talent recruitment' programs a threat to other Western nations' research data?

Becoming future-ready: The importance of HR application management in a new operating environment

Three key elements for cloud application management in the new normal.

International Women in Engineering Day: A call for change

A look at why more needs to be done to raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider engineering as a profession for all.

Workplace track and trace has lift off?

As many countries gradually begin to emerge out of lockdown, technology companies are clamouring to produce bespoke track and trace systems for the workplace.

Inclusivity vital to pandemic recovery

Empathy and emotional intelligence have become the most important skills for a CIO as a new workforce and a new mission rises from the COVID ashes.

It's time to embrace the skills-based CV when hiring tech talent

To garner a competitive advantage, companies need to shift their approach to hiring to be more focused on a skills-based CV or risk being left behind.

International Women's Day: PhotoShop, Google Docs and the quest for diversity

There's still a long way to go before we close the gender gap, but some progress is being made.

Six companies aiming to close the tech gender gap

Closing the gender gap in tech won't be easy, but these organisations are certainly proving it's possible.

Evolution of the CDO: is time almost up for the C-suite's digital kingpin?

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) was brought into organisations to drive their crucial journeys towards cloud and digital proficiency. With many companies now having effective strategies in place, is it time for the CDO to step aside? ...

The new graduate: A career guide to Generation Z

What should businesses expect of Gen Z's career aspirations?

Agile has changed the CIO & CTO role

Being the CIO of a business using Agile methods for continuous delivery has changed the leadership style in a positive way

Salesforce EMEA chief on diversity, CEO values, staff wellbeing

Chris Ciauri, EVP and GM, discusses how the company acts "to create psychological safety" for its people

C-suite career advice: Michael FitzGerald, OnePage CRM

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in technology? "Find out which part you're really curious about.

Diversity requires a new hiring approach

To change your team you will need to change recruitment practices -- or women and all diversity candidates will shy away from IT opportunities .

International Women's Day: Being an engineering student, all I could think was "Where are all the women engineers?"

Fraud Analytics Team Leader at IBM Trusteer, Yarden On, discusses what first sparked her love of technology and her experiences working as a woman in the Israeli technology sector.

The CIO identity crisis

As the drive to achieve digital transformation causes job roles to change, where does that leave the CIO?

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