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17 high-paying tech skills that will go higher

Despite more volatility than normal, pandemic conditions have benefitted market values for some skills more than others.


Staff burnout: a legitimate threat to CNI security

Scott Nicholson, Co-CEO at Bridewell Consulting takes a detailed look at the employee burnout crisis and the steps to tackle it.


Why graphs will form the basis for a new HR industry

Global HR influencer Josh Bersin recently singled out graph databases as the basis for a new wave of HCM technology over the next 5-10 years. Neo4jā€™s Amy Holder examines the claim and considers some real-world examples.


Neurodiversity and tech: a win-win equation

What are the wide-ranging benefits of hiring neurodivergent employees and how can employers attract talent from this mostly untapped source?


Is there a mental health pandemic in IT?

Mental problems are on the rise in IT, what can businesses do about it?


Tech's gender imbalance: Is progress being made?

Despite decades of progress towards workplace equality, women remain hugely underrepresented in the UK's technology workforce. The technology sector should do more to support women, and arguably, is best placed to do so. So what needs...


Can remote working help solve IT skills shortage and gender imbalance?

Closing skills gaps and improving gender diversity throughout the IT industry have both proved major challenges for many years, but does the cultural shift towards remote working caused by COVID-19 offer a golden opportunity to...


How tech companies are addressing diversity issues

Diversity in tech is a huge and growing issue, and many businesses are taking innovative steps to solve it.


VR in the enterprise

Predictions suggest 80% of businesses will invest in VR or AR in the next year, but what are the enterprise use cases? And how do you embark on an enterprise VR project?

shutterstock 1670874856 05.10.20 how the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

How the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

Many people are facing redundancy as a result of the economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but there are plenty of opportunities awaiting them in the tech sector.

Death by a Thousand Talents: How China's brain gain is harming western firms

Are Chinese-government-sponsored 'talent recruitment' programs a threat to other Western nations' research data?

Becoming future-ready: The importance of HR application management in a new operating environment

Three key elements for cloud application management in the new normal.

International Women in Engineering Day: A call for change

A look at why more needs to be done to raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider engineering as a profession for all.

Workplace track and trace has lift off?

As many countries gradually begin to emerge out of lockdown, technology companies are clamouring to produce bespoke track and trace systems for the workplace.

Inclusivity vital to pandemic recovery

Empathy and emotional intelligence have become the most important skills for a CIO as a new workforce and a new mission rises from the COVID ashes.

It's time to embrace the skills-based CV when hiring tech talent

To garner a competitive advantage, companies need to shift their approach to hiring to be more focused on a skills-based CV or risk being left behind.

International Women's Day: PhotoShop, Google Docs and the quest for diversity

There's still a long way to go before we close the gender gap, but some progress is being made.

Six companies aiming to close the tech gender gap

Closing the gender gap in tech won't be easy, but these organisations are certainly proving it's possible.

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