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Is a failure to engage hindering tech's diversity efforts?

National security and defense consultant, Mivy James, discusses the importance of challenging the negative stereotypes that still persist in the tech landscape

The CMO Files: Mary Ellen Dugan, WP Engine

"All companies are tech companies and if CMOs aren't partnering with IT to understand the complexity and vendors, it creates a gap in the ability to move the company forward."

C-suite career advice: George Gray, Ivenix, Inc

"In the IT world people need to be good problem solvers and able to give and accept feedback without taking it personally."

Secret CSO: Bilal Mujahid, iManage

"Tools and technology are only a small fraction of the answer when it comes to reducing risk for your organization."

The CMO Files: Bruce Milne, Pivot3

"I believe that undervaluing marketing is wrong for companies..."

C-suite career advice: Dr. Giovanni Vigna, Lastline

"One common mistake is trying to provide answers to questions about which they do not know anything."

CIO Spotlight: Sudhir Reddy, Aricent

"Always measure yourself by the outcome and not how hard you worked. It is about the result not sweat."

Secret CSO: Travis Ruff, Amperity

"The most important aspect of any job, not just mine, is to understand business context."

Where should the CISO sit in the leadership team?

Now that cybersecurity is a top strategic priority for businesses, where should the CISO sit within the leadership team?

The CMO Files: Patrick Welch, Bigtincan

"The Art of War by Sun Tzu really taught me how to create beachheads and approach markets and competition from different angles."

C-suite career advice: Hans Tesselaar, BIAN

"The most important thing you can do is become an expert in your field."

CIO Spotlight: Dr. Gavin Scruby, SmartDebit

"My aim is to hire people who know what they are doing and to let them get on with it."

Hired or fired? How data is helping to define the future of work

How will AI impact the enterprise -- who will actually lose their job and why and what will legislation do if anything?

Secret CSO: Andy Ellis, Akamai

"Never open your mouth until you know what you’re trying to achieve."

The CMO Files: Andrea Ward, Adobe

"Customer advocacy and loyalty is not typically top of mind for marketers, but it should be."

C-suite career advice: Tasso Argyros, ActionIQ

"Focus on solving business problems and on the business users."

CIO Spotlight: Michael Ringman, TELUS International

"In my mind, a CIO’s biggest job is that of a change agent. You need to help your company constantly innovate."

Secret CSO: Brad Arkin, Adobe

"It's essential to have a strong network to bounce ideas off of one another."

The CMO Files: Paul Cunningham, Unify - Atos Collaboration Solutions

"The word ‘journey’ is overused and abused in just about every media and marketing context these days."

C-suite career advice: Will Read, Sideways 6

"If you’re consistently delivering in a growth company, opportunities for c-level positions will come."

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