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What does $1 billion buy you as IoT moves computing to the edge?

Enterprise firms jostle for share of burgeoning IoT space as computing moves to the edge… and Dell aims to lead with new division and strategy

Checklist: Tools to see into AWS infrastructure

Which tools help provide a birds-eye view of AWS infrastructure?

Mission-critical IT systems don't always need the latest tech

Major industrial, engineering and military projects can come under fire for using outdated IT systems. Is that fair?

Get used to ransomware and outages, says infrastructure exec

Data-centric economy needs to think differently about threat management and compliance

Containers: Are they worth the hype?

The founder and CEO of Wercker discusses all things containers

SimpliVity throws down gauntlet to infrastructure history

“Convergence 3.0” is disruption talk. Is SimpliVity CEO sabre rattling?

Brazil startup in race to develop the 3D-printed house of the future

Urban3D wants to change the speed and cost of construction

Utilities need to heed lessons from Google to add value

Power and water companies need to be smarter or settle for being commodity providers

Top Tips: Five reasons you should test your company's security DNA

Five reasons you should test your infrastructure security instead of playing a guessing game you are bound to lose.

Inside Africa's first infrastructure fund

Convergence Partners is the first company to secure an infrastructure fund to spur the growth of infrastructure across Africa

Nutanix: Is the new Sun rising?

With the launch of its Xtreme Computing Platform, Nutanix is looking to redefine itself ahead of an expected IPO

Those who work in the background - Logistics in India

Logistics in India needs to improve in order to boost the economy

Rant: Lift failure & the lame wrath of the crowd

British crowds in the face of the slightest tech glitch

The evolution of tech in Cluj, Romania

How one Romanian city has gone from outsourcing outpost to global tech talent leader

Why is India the hottest investment destination in Asia?

We look at the investment landscape in India

Britain's Train Operator Network Rail Visualises a Smarter Network

The rail services operator is tapping a new GIS system to see what’s happening on track in England, Scotland and Wales

UK: Jerry Fishenden Plots A New Digital Future For Government

In a new book, the leading technology thinker discusses the digital future for the often troubled world of public-sector IT

Kenya Q&A: Technology to Solve Housing Issues

Geo-location technology is providing low-income earners in Kenya with access to cheap and shared rental houses.

Where is the African Digital Sandbox?

Investment in roads, railways and airports may help to Africa, but what about IT infrastructure?

The Strategic CIO in A Converged World

Nigel Moulton, CTO EMEA at VCE, argues that the same convergence that gives the CIO opportunities to escape the 80/20 rule creates opportunities for innovation and revenue growth

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