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Facebook, Google and the Seven Eyes: implications for privacy

A look at the Australian government's efforts against end-to-end encryption: Facebook is oddly found among the good guys.


News roundup: Trump gets silenced, Google face unionisation, and Musk becomes world’s richest man

A round up of this week's technology news including a major social media ban on Trump, more info on the SolarWinds hack, and a new year’s outage for Slack.


Facebook's connectivity initiatives in Africa to deliver $57B

How Facebook aims to deliver $57b in economic benefits in Africa by 2024 through connectivity investments.


The next four years: where tech will stand with the Biden-Harris administration

With a new President moving into the White House in January, what will the tech industry look like under the new administration?


News roundup: Facebook’s looming D-Day, another Huawei scandal, and a fiery end to SpaceX’s Mars-bound rocket

A round up of this week's technology news including a huge antitrust battle for Facebook, a trio of exciting tech IPOs, and a new COVID-tracking app for California.


Africa 2021: Improved infrastructure needed for post-pandemic recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the world. The forecast of the future cannot be left untainted by it.


5G in the Middle East

Among the first globally to introduce 5G, how is the GCC's rollout going? How did they got there first and what economic benefits will this bring to the region?


News roundup: Ant IPO stumbles, Twitter moderates Trump, and a huge bitcoin seizure

A roundup of this week's tech news, including the world's biggest IPO fail, more Trump/tech giant beef, and 5G drones take to the skies.

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News roundup: big tech leaders get a grilling from the US senate

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including an important big tech senate hearing, a historic IPO for Ant Group, and a new quantum computer from Honeywell.

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News roundup: the US takes on Google in huge lawsuit

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including a huge US lawsuit against Google, more Russian election hacking, and a 4G network on the moon.


Africa: A possible springboard for low orbit broadband

Does low-orbit satellite broadband networking have the potential to replace subsea cables and bring reliable internet to Africa's remote users?

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News roundup: fallout continues after US probes big tech

A roundup of this week's tech news, including the fallout from the US's big tech probe, Twitter's Joe Biden-related snafu, and AR goggles for dogs.

shutterstock 197656919 credit archiwiz 06.10.20 australia leads the charge against the internet fro

Australia leads the charge against the internet front pages

Australia seems set to make Google and Facebook pay for scraping traditional media, an idea which would hugely undermine their basic business models if it became widespread – and could fundamentally change the way the internet works. ...

Are smart cities really smart?

What makes a city truly smart and how does this benefits business? How will new technologies like 5G redefine what we mean by smart city?

IPv4 vs IPv6: when will the internet's latest protocol finally take over?

IPv4 exhaustion has been a recognised issue for a long time, although adoption of the next generation of the Internet Protocol has remained sluggish. We look at why this has been the case and whether IPv4 is set to fade away any time...

A look at how COVID-19 is impacting web traffic

COVID-19 is impacting virtually every business and individual all around the world, with shifts towards self-isolation and working from home. We take a look at the impact this has had on web traffic globally.

China's new IP plans: a vision for an authoritarian global internet?

Is China's 'New IP' a solution to a 'broken' internet? Or a plan to govern the internet?

Why internet censorship would be a fatal blow for Hong Kong PLC, not pro-democracy protesters

Why China's decision to block website and app access aimed at Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters may, instead, put Hong Kong's reputation as Asia's pre-eminent business hub at risk

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