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News roundup: fallout continues after US probes big tech

A roundup of this week's tech news, including the fallout from the US's big tech probe, Twitter's Joe Biden-related snafu, and AR goggles for dogs.

shutterstock 197656919 credit archiwiz 06.10.20 australia leads the charge against the internet fro

Australia leads the charge against the internet front pages

Australia seems set to make Google and Facebook pay for scraping traditional media, an idea which would hugely undermine their basic business models if it became widespread – and could fundamentally change the way the internet works. ...

IPv4 vs IPv6: when will the internet's latest protocol finally take over?

IPv4 exhaustion has been a recognised issue for a long time, although adoption of the next generation of the Internet Protocol has remained sluggish. We look at why this has been the case and whether IPv4 is set to fade away any time...

China's new IP plans: a vision for an authoritarian global internet?

Is China's 'New IP' a solution to a 'broken' internet? Or a plan to govern the internet?

Why internet censorship would be a fatal blow for Hong Kong PLC, not pro-democracy protesters

Why China's decision to block website and app access aimed at Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters may, instead, put Hong Kong's reputation as Asia's pre-eminent business hub at risk

State of internet censorship: Is the global web becoming less connected?

With countries like Iran and Russia attempting to cut themselves off from the rest of the internet, are we witnessing the dawn of the splintered internet?

Broadband from space: Will it work this time?

Does the recent launch of early Starlink satellites by Elon Musk's revolutionary company SpaceX herald a new age of space-based broadband - or will the new low-orbit ventures fail like their predecessors?

South Pacific internet: How's it going to pan out?

With new undersea internet cables soon expected under the South Pacific, will China or the West set the agenda?

It's time to get Africa properly cabled up, says Facebook

Why is Facebook thinking of building a new telecoms cable under the sea around Africa? IDG Connect gets to the bottom of it.

30 years of the internet: How the World Wide Web is becoming dangerous territory

The internet plays a dominant and powerful role in our lives, but it's also becoming extremely dangerous. We asked tech experts about the web threats to expect over the coming years.

IPv4 shortage: a timebomb for CTOs?

With the global stock of IPv4 addresses almost entirely depleted, what are the potential dangers to organisations and why is the growth of IPv6 still so slow?

What Nominet did next - why the UK's domain name registry is stretching its commercial wings

We find out why Nominet is moving into new markets, how that fits in with its purpose, and the what challenges its faced.

Networking the last billion: Are solar drones part of the solution?

Facebook has given up on solar-powered internet aircraft: but new designs are being tested now in Australia and China

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