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CIOs, don't be a digital scapegoat

Enthusiasm for technology led change is admirable, but CEOs could be letting you take the wrap for change that is as much their responsibility, as yours

Java is no longer young but retains relevance

Java Platform Group chief Georges Saab says the platform Maybe turning 25 (or even 30) but remains vibrant.

How tech can help improve office safety

With many people returning to the office, it's vital that employers improve workplace safety. Here's how they're doing that by using technology and innovation.

Tech means the big return to work won't happen

We've moved to Zoomland and we no longer uniformly need offices.

Gartner: Tech CEOs set the path in redirecting to new realities

How tech CEOs are facing their new reality in the face of COVID-19.

Six thoughts about the TikTok sale

Data harvesting and geopolitics have made the video sharing app a hot property.

Are tech giants paying their fair share of tax?

As the world's tech giants continue to achieve impressive revenues globally, many experts question whether it's time to impose more appropriate taxes on them and how this can be achieved.

Tough times in LatAm: but that's business as usual

How has Covid-19 impacted venture capital investment in LatAm tech?

Round-the world sailor plots making solo race social

British sailor Pip Hare wants to share the experience of one of the world's toughest sporting achievements.

Crisis leadership calls on the new CIO skill set

The Leadership in a Crisis report highlights how the role has changed and the resources CIOs need to be leaders.

Keeping the wheels of innovation turning in a post-lockdown world

How can IT teams keep pace with the demand for innovation in the new normal?

China trade war continues: US blacklists key Apple supplier

Accused by the Americans of forced-labour abuses against Muslims in western China, O-Film is a key Apple supplier, and one of the latest Chinese firms to be blacklisted.

Kenyan tech funding gaps: Time to wrap up the lip service

Kenya has not been too kind in funding its startups. What can be done to grow local funding?

What would it take for a tech vendor to walk away from a customer?

Turning down business isn't an everyday occurrence, but for tech vendors there are situations where it's the best course of action, as Sooraj Shah finds out.

Valley veteran Tom Siebel aims for a three-peat with AI

The CRM pioneer Tom Siebel wants a third mega-success under his belt.

Technology will play a vital role in rebuilding our economy

How AI and low code can help businesses 'bounce back' from economic hardship.

Are governments doing enough to regulate unfair competition in tech?

Trillion-dollar firms like Apple, Microsoft and Google effectively control the tech market, but could their reign be about to end?

Asia Pacific CIOs face digital leadership challenges

Cloud clearing the way for CIOs in Asia Pacific region to be business change leaders.

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