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Special services - how interim CIOs have become expert advisors

Interim CIOs and CTOs have transitioned into a new boutique alternative to major consultancies, and could be well placed for the post-Covid recovery.


Secret CSO: Seth Cutler, NetApp

What's the best career advice you ever received?” Look in the mirror. This is the person responsible for your failures and successes.”


CTO Sessions: Julie Gibb, Sim Local

What type of CTO are you? “My mantra is to lead by example, and I encourage boldness, continuous learning, and the satisfaction of personal achievement on the job.”


The burden of technical debt caused by Covid-19

Technical debt accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to shadow CIOs for a number of years.


C-suite career advice: Ron Konezny, Digi International

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a C-level position? "Sometimes people think leadership is a reward for all the work they put into getting to that level… In all truth, that’s when the real work begins."


CIO Spotlight: Nathan G. Rogers, SAIC

What roles or skills are you finding (or anticipate to be) the most difficult to fill? “The hardest roles to fill are in cybersecurity. The need for good cybersecurity in all industries is growing exponentially…”


The rise of democratised, productised & operationalised IT

Technology vendors are fond of slathering on layers of value-add functionality to their products in an attempt to make them more accessible, flexible and useable - is the rise of democratised, productised and operationalised...


Secret CSO: Vanessa Pegueros, OneLogin

How did you get involved in cybersecurity? “I didn’t choose security, security chose me.”


The myth behind the dream of ‘composable’ business

Popularised by technology analysts, business futurists and cloud computing evangelists, the concept of composable business is meant to convey a notion of operational interchangeability in the face of extreme change - so is there...


CTO Sessions: Ron Kol, Luminati

What predictions do you have for the role of the CTO in the future? "... more and more we will start seeing them take a major role in the companies that are more traditional and less tech driven. It is inevitable."


C-suite career advice: Chris DeRamus, Rapid7

What are the three skills or abilities you look for in prospective candidates?  "A prospective candidate must have a deep passion for technology."


CIO Spotlight: Mike Corbin, eSentire

What are the CEO's top priorities for you in the coming year? “Customer satisfaction and the ability to scale ahead of business needs are eSentire’s top priorities.”


News roundup: Twitter ditches Trump, Intel gets a new CEO, and Parler gets binned

A round up of this week's technology news including a permanent Twitter ban for Donald Trump, more chip consolidation, and a new line-up of Samsung phones.


Gartner: If you really want to innovate, look outside your industry

How can executive leaders fortify their enterprise for digital-era competition by adopting three tactics for cross-industry innovation?


Secret CSO: Mathew Newfield, Unisys

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? "... I believe the most important aspect of my job is to educate others on how to be good stewards of safe cybersecurity practices."


CTO Sessions: Aron Brand, CTERA Networks

What is the biggest issue that you’re helping customers with at the moment? "Amidst the covid-19 pandemic, our customers are scrambling to change their work model from dense HQ open spaces to work-from-home and small remote branch...


C-suite careers advice: Andrey Khusid, Miro

What are the most common mistakes made by candidates in an interview? “I think people assume that being a functional expert is enough to get them a job…”


CIO Spotlight: Neil Acworth, GRCI Group

What roles or skills are you finding (or anticipate to be) the most difficult to fill? “Cloud engineering skills are really hard to find… I can see technical auditing of cloud security becoming increasingly challenging.”


A new year brings the gift of new analysis

2021 could be the year that CIOs diverge into culture change leaders and technology delivery leadership.


Calling all rock stars: hire the right data scientist talent for your business

Building an analytics team to focus on AI projects? Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO outlines key considerations in scoping for analytics roles and projects, and explores how leaders can identify key positions, providing...

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