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How innovative technology can revolutionise recruitment efforts

60% of businesses believe that their reliance on digital skills will increase over the next five years, yet participation in digital skills training has declined. Robert Symons, SVP of Sales EMEA of SmartRecruiters, discusses how...


Pandemic-driven high paying tech skills and certifications that still have room to grow

The current volatile tech labor marketplace is harboring surprises in which IT skills employers are willing to pay extra cash for.

Illustration of a world map drawn out with realistic people seen from above on bluish background

End digital poverty and create a new global community

The Digital Poverty Alliance in the UK is filling a void of a decade of underfunding in education and tech in education, which will be the economic opportunity for many


17 high-paying tech skills that will go higher

Despite more volatility than normal, pandemic conditions have benefitted market values for some skills more than others.


Closing the charity sector's digital skills gap

Many charities have been constrained by a lack of digital skills and strategy. However, as with other industries, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation within the non-profit sector. Has this helped, or potentially caused...


News roundup: Big tech firms challenged on online misinformation, Intel’s expansion plans & Salesforce’s move to tackle the digital skills gap

A roundup of this week’s technology news, including a US government inquiry into disinformation on big tech platforms, $20 billion expansion plans unveiled by Intel, a new online educational scheme launched by US cloud giant...


Can remote working help solve IT skills shortage and gender imbalance?

Closing skills gaps and improving gender diversity throughout the IT industry have both proved major challenges for many years, but does the cultural shift towards remote working caused by COVID-19 offer a golden opportunity to...

I'm not a robot: How Covid-19 is accelerating the skills gap

While demand for robotics skills is booming education and training are coming under increasing pressure.

Gamification shapes engineering digital skills

Industry 4.0 is bolting engineering and digital together, CIOs are exploring how to play the skills development contest.

How EdTech companies have been supporting students throughout lockdown

During lockdown, edtech companies have been enabling millions of young people to continue with their studies.

A low-cost solution for African education

Trees of Knowledge to help solve shortage of teacher crisis.

How startups are helping close Latin America's skills gap

Here's a look at how startups in Latin America are flourishing by providing alternative education opportunities and addressing the skills gap.

Grow your own talent

CIOs and CTOs are developing the talent modern business requires

Digital skills shortages remain an obstacle for the UK

What is being done to address the UK's skills shortage, what still needs to be put in place, and how is the current climate impacting digital skills provision?

Why universities are crucial to the growth of the Middle East's tech hub

Science and technology universities in the Middle East are providing the technical research, talent and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for the region to become one of the world's leading tech hubs.

Programming languages to avoid learning in 2018

Why you probably shouldn’t be learning Dart, Objective-C, or Coffeescript this year.

How a talent shortage is hampering IoT development

The Internet of Things has been tipped for success for some time but various things keep holding it back…

How volunteering more than just coding skills can help your career

Alfresco Software’s David Webster on how donating time to a Search & Rescue team makes him better in his day to day profession

Just how in-demand are big data skills?

Chiara Pensato from Alteryx Inc looks at the future of big data skills

Why you need a bootcamp grad

Joe Vacca of Revature talks up the value of bootcamp graduates for organizations