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Emerging network edge trends to watch out for in 2021

As spending on edge computing increases, here's five significant focus areas for businesses next year and beyond.


5G in the Middle East

Among the first globally to introduce 5G, how is the GCC's rollout going? How did they got there first and what economic benefits will this bring to the region?


From toasters to Tesla: The History of IoT

An in-depth exploration of the history of IoT spanning from the early nineteenth century to the present day, including an enterprise IoT deep-dive and some predictions for the future.


Is 5G a calling for telco CIOs?

CIOs will play a vital role in delivering savings and changing operational methods as telcos roll out 5G and need capex for the infrastructure investment.

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News roundup: the US takes on Google in huge lawsuit

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including a huge US lawsuit against Google, more Russian election hacking, and a 4G network on the moon.


Africa: A possible springboard for low orbit broadband

Does low-orbit satellite broadband networking have the potential to replace subsea cables and bring reliable internet to Africa's remote users?

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5G for LatAm: Nokia knows why, but perhaps not who

A new report from Nokia predicts huge economic add over time from 5G adoption in LatAm. But will Huawei, ZTE et al reap the rewards more than Nokia?


Could blockchain power the next smart city?

Blockchain is being used to bring a smart city on the outskirts of Phnom Penh to life. How will its use benefit business? And what are the potential pitfalls?

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Data Loss Prevention: Which data loss prevention solution is better?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the data loss prevention market - Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

Africa's IoT network: Are we building it the wrong way?

Africa's IoT industry can learn from mistakes made in telecommunications infrastructure.

Control-M versus OpCon: Which is the best workload automation tool?

IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the workload automation market.

Should businesses be concerned about 5G security?

In their eagerness to implement 5G, are businesses overlooking its security challenges?

Awake Security Platform and Darktrace: Which is the best network traffic solution?

A comparison of two of the highest rated network traffic solutions in the market, with profiles of each and what they can offer enterprise.

Clario bids to de-fang security with consumer-friendly approach

A new company is taking a very different route to defending personal data.

Combining mobile and satellite networks

What are the main challenges in combining satellite and terrestrial networks?

10 top Remote Access solutions reviewed

IT Central Station users review the highest rated remote access vendors, profiling each and examining what they can offer enterprise.

NetApp HCI and Nutanix: Buyer's guide and reviews

Real IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed solutions in the hyperconverged infrastructure market: NetApp HCI and Nutanix.

Australia's NBN: Who's really going to pay for it?

As Telstra CEO says Telstra must bear some responsibility for the state of the NBN we look at the history, current state and future of Australia's NBN.

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