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4 predictions for Open Source in 2020

What will happen to open source in 2020 and in the years ahead?

The love and the lament: Percona CEO details state of open source data

Peter Zaitsev used Percona's most recent conference keynote to discuss the open source data arena.

How open source software is being weaponised

Jing Xie, senior threat intelligence researcher at Venafi, explains why the weaponisation of Open Source Software Libraries (OSSLs) is a rapidly growing threat to businesses.

Open source a silent killer? CAST talks about their new alliance with Software Heritage

We sit down with CAST Software CEO Vincent Delaroche to discuss the company's new partnership with Software Heritage and how the use of open source code can get organisations into some hot water.

Open for business: How open source is changing the technology industry

The adoption of open source software is fundamentally changing the technology industry as a whole. However, do the benefits outweigh the risk?

Assessing the economic impact and business models of open source

We take a dive into the world of open source, looking specifically at its undocumented economic impact and how successful open source companies thrive.

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